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Monday, November 25, 2013

This was sent by a family in Gex. They had all of them over for a Thanksgiving dinner!

Ohhhhh my goodness! I cannot believe that Kole is engaged to Courtney!!! That seriously blows my mind! That is awesome. As for our plans for this week, there is one family that is from the states in our ward and they invited us over on Friday so that we can spend Thanksgiving together and celebrate it with real Thanksgiving food. We are all so excited.
That is really interesting about what you said. That is exactly what our mission president has us do. There is this thing he created called the Roney Pattern and what you do is you pick a topic, study it with and eternal perspective and you find scriptures or talks that correlate, then you recreate yourself. . . you imagine yourself in situations where you could use this quality or maybe in the past your should have used this quality and you envision yourself with this quality. Next you pray that the Lord will grant you this quality, and then you focus and exercise this quality throughout the week. One of the things that you do when you are studying is your pick a sentence that you can say in your head throughout the day that will help you. . . for example if you are studying love you can say in your head, I love you before you talk to everyone. . . and in 30 days the trait you are studying will become a part of you. Cool!
Well this week was another really good one. It seriously flew by. There were some really tough times this week in which we lost our aim with a baptismal date. . . that was a little tough, but none the less we kept working. The next day after we had a lot of things planned and it was around four thirty in the afternoon and everything that we had for the evening fell through, including our back-up plans, we found ourselves wondering what we should do. We headed back to the car and decided to say a prayer and ask where we should go and as soon as we finished our prayer we had the impression to go to an area that we had been in earlier that day. We had the idea to go and pass the investigator that wasn't there for our RDV. So we headed back and passed her. . . she wasn't there. So we passed another old investigator. . . who also wasn't there. The same thing happened again a third time as well. We weren't quite sure what we should do next, but in leaving one of the apartment buildings we saw someone and we started to contact him. It turns out he is actually from China and eight months ago he met two missionaries in TORONTO. Now he loves Jesus Christ because they helped him to gain a testimony in him. Long story short now we are teaching this amazing person who is ready to learn more. Not to mention we fixed two other RDV's that same night!
This week one of the attributes that I was studying was diligence. I studied hard. I picked some phrases to say in my head. . . good old football Start Fast- Finish Strong. . . I envisioned myself with this attribute, I prayed and then did my best to apply. . . When the Lord gives us things, particularly attributes, he gives us trials so that we can develop this attributes. For example, maybe before you had me you had been wanting to have more patience in your lives. . . and then because you asked to be more patient you had me who tried your patience every day :)
I found that out to be very true this week. It was hard when we had so many things fall through this week. . . but because we kept pushing on we found more amazing people to teach and we were able to see miracles, and more importantly we were able to see ourselves changing to become better. . . More like the Savior.
That is our goal in this life, to become more like our Savior. Sometimes times are easy, but that is not when we learn anything, it is through trials that we learn. . . become more refined. . . and eventually grow.
Some of us just have more trials because we have a lot more things that need to be refined :) aka. . . me
Well, life is more than wonderful right now. I absolutely love it here in Gex and wouldn't mind staying here until my mission is over. The only thing is that it is getting really cold, so I might be buying some thermals soon so I stop looking like a marshmallow. . . (See the pictures) :)
(Thanks for sending that package to Elder Robles, he needs some support, he is an awesome kid and I know he is having a hard time because his family doesn't support him very well)
With lots of love,
Elder Beyer

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