Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013 "No crazy mishaps this week!"

Hahaha no crazy mishaps this week! But man was that a bad one last week! I felt so terrible. I asked him if I could buy him a new one and he said no way. . . but I will keep asking. Well. . . That makes me feel a lot better that I am not the only one who cuts the cord, good old Grandpa Gene. We talk a lot about baptism when we are out here on our missions and I keep laughing my head off every time that I remember that I was baptized twice. . .
Caden seriously looks so so different! That is so crazy! I bet he is stoked to have those things off, I still remember the day that I got those off and I actually think that Sammi Swan was one of the first people that I talked to as well. Yeah that picture looks a ton like Brock, crazy!
As for Derek I bet he was a stud missionary, I love that advice and I am going to try and make a running list. Our mission president has said some similar things and he said that we should always have a prayer in our heart before we contact someone, but I definitely need to be saying more prayers. My companion and I have decided to pray every 30 minutes this week in hope that we can find new investigators and the investigators that we have already will want to be baptized soon.
Exchange with my Zone Leader Elder Kaiha and Elder Crawley
Well family, life is really good for me. It is getting freezing here in little old Gex, but I love spending as much time as we can in this freezing cold weather looking for those who are prepared to hear our message. Since we have gotten here we have seen so many incredible blessings that the Lord has given us. When we first got in we were only teaching about three people, but now we are teaching about seven or eight people and we have a few that are getting really, really close to baptism. They have testimonies, but they just don't realize it yet.
This week we had an appointment scheduled with this Brazilian family that we met not too long ago, but the appointment fell through. We were pretty bummed out because every single one of our appointments had fallen through that day. . . but, we still continued to work hard and we finished out the night strong. A few days later we passed this family again to see how they were doing, we went in and started talking with them and it turns out that they had experienced a death in the family over in Brazil. We talked to them for about ten minutes and then asked them if we could share a really important message with them. We started with a prayer and then started to explain the Plan of Salvation very simply while the man translated what we were saying in Portuguese for his girlfriend. It was such an awesome experience because they were so happy to hear this amazing message that they could live with their families again after this life. However, we did explain that there is some important stuff that we need to do in this life in order to make that possible. We told them about baptism and the importance of Jesus Christ in our lives and invited them to follow his example and be baptized once they knew these things for themselves. They said they weren't ready yet, and we agreed with that, but they said when they knew they would be baptized. There is still a lot that needs to happen (aka. marriage, all of the lessons, etc.) before they can be baptized, but none the less it was a pretty cool experience.
Cool members house that used to be a a sweet modern house.
Once again we had some awesome experiences with the members this week, because we have the best members in all of France here in Gex. One of my favorite things that happened this week was that we had a huge stake conference in Geneva where we got to see a lot of missionaries, our members, and our mission president and his family.
I feel very blessed to be out serving a mission. It is truly one of the greatest blessings in my life. I was just thinking the other day that before I know it I am going to be hitting my year mark, it is incredible how fast time can fly by. So, I need to take advantage of every single second I have out here; work harder than I ever have in my life and change to become more like the Savior while I still have a little bit of time that rests out here :)

Elder C. Beyer

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