Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014 "This week was interesting"

Hi ya family!

This week was such a great one and I can't wait to tell you about it! I loved hearing about your weeks and just so you don't feel alone. . . It rained everyday here as well haha. Gotta love the weather. I honestly was so excited when you told me about Cody's mission call! I am soooooo stoked for him! Send my love his way and tell him I have met tons of member here who have served there and I have heard nothing but good things about that mission. Hey I am loving with the idea about the yoga! We actually had a member today that invited us to go to yoga with him as well and teach his friends after. . . so, we might be doing some yoga as well :) Hahaha, I am with you mom! I think it is going to work!

Okay, so this week was interesting.

Lyon was awesome as always and to answer your question real quick, no we don't get to talk to him at all :( He is too busy. . . Sometimes we don't even get to interview with him on interview tours because he is so busy. . . 

Anyways, we left church on Sunday with our investigator telling us that she didn't want to be baptized this Saturday. She said that she didn't feel ready at all and that she didn't think that she knew nearly enough. We were pretty sad, but we kept moving along. When we got back from Lyon (PS. . . we had to take two early morning flights where we had to get up at 4:00 and no, we don't get to make that sleep up) we immediately called C.... our investigator. She said she wanted to meet up and that she had a surprise to tell us.

We weren't quite sure what the surprise was going to be, she has given us a few shirts with Joseph Smith's face on them so we thought that they would be something like that. . . so we walk into the church and she is there and she holds up her finger and says. . . I am getting married! We start freaking out and we are like, but you weren't even dating anyone! Then she says, just kidding! So at that point we were like, that was a lame surprise. . . 
We then started the lesson and after the prayer Elder Taylor says, Okay C...., you know that we are having this RDV so that we can re fix your baptismal date and make a calendar so that you can be ready for your date. . . She then looks only at Elder Taylor and says, I need to talk to you and you only, with slightly watered eyes. . . There I am right next to him freaking out, in my head I am thinking, oh no. . . she is going to drop us and she is too scared to tell me because I had been teaching her for so long. She finally convinces Elder Taylor, who is equally as scared, to go into the corner of the room with her so that she can talk with him alone. I am sitting there still with our member freaking out in my head. . . Then then come back and sit down. Elder Taylor says, C....

would no longer like to talk about her baptismal date and a calendar, and before we start she wanted to tell Elder Beyer that she wants to be baptized!! And she wants him to do the baptism!! 

At that point I went from being so scared to the happiest I have been on my mission. My jaw dropped and I didn't even know what to say haha. So, we decided to move the date back one week to be sure that she is ready and knows everything and this Saturday at 4:00 we are going to be holding her baptism! I am so excited and I will let you know how it goes!

We have had a few lessons with her since then and all is going really good.

We had another cool experience the other day where we were working the whole day with no success at all. . . It was getting close to the end of the night and it was freezing so we were ready to go back in haha. . . We were knocking one of the last doors and this cute little boy with bright blonde hair answers the door wearing an ironman gadget on his hand. We ask if we can see his parents and he runs and gets his mom. She then comes to the door and it turns out that it is just those two in their little family and they were so cool! I said to her that she was lucky to have ironman to protect the house then and that got a good laugh. Anyways, we got to teach them about eternal families and testified to them and at the end they told us that we could pass by and see them sometime. . . So we are going to go and teach them this week :)

Well I am loving my new companion right now. We are having so much fun together. I think this transfer is going to go by a little bit too fast though haha.

I can't wait to talk to you and see your beautiful smiling faces in two weeks! Yeah, it will probably been in the morning for you. I think we will try and do it around 5 here if we can. I will let you know next week for sure.

Also, could you please send me a bunch of photos of the family, us doing things together, sports, etc. . . so that I can show people that we meet. Find some awesome ones like the ones that you email me! Thanks!

I got a letter that the package arrived and I can go pick it up tomorrow!

Love you lots,
Elder Beyer

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014 "Flying to Lyon"


Hey there most wonderful family! It is so good to hear from you! That is awesome that Caden got the job! Make sure that he is watching everyone swimming. . . not just the pretty girls :) As for being with Elder Taylor it is so much fun. I am loving every second of it. He is seriously just like Josh Gee and has been cracking me up as soon as we got together. Yeah, he was a zone leader over in Lyon before we got together. Crazy about Elder Strom though huh? Haha. . . Yeah, he is one of five missionaries out there. I really want to go out there and serve there eventually in my mission. That is where they send missionaries when they no longer want to be in contact with them. . . haha jk!

Geezzz Bubba! What are you doing waking up early and finding your basket before picture time?

Okay, so this week was a great one.

We started out with a really cool RDV with that Muslim Family that I told you about the other day. They gave us a call and they were like, "Hey, can you meet us in the city around three?" We were like yeah for sure. So we went out and it turns out that they wanted to take us out to lunch! So sure enough they took us out to eat at a really good pizza parlor and we had a nice meal on a really nice day. After we finished eating we went and took a seat in the nearby park because they said that they had some questions about the Book of Mormon! So the RDV went awesome because the mom read half of the book in one week!!! Amazing huh?! She had a lot of really good questions and she explained to us that she knew it was true as soon as she started reading because it has a message of love.

Next up we had a few meetings with C. Everything is going really good right now, but the sad thing is that she is not going to be ready for her baptismal date :( We were pretty sad because it was going to be this week. . . That is okay, she said that she does want to be baptized and she is understanding really well right now, the only thing is that she said she doesn't feel ready yet. . . so we are going to re fix the date this Wednesday.

Right now we are actually in Lyon just so you know! We headed out for Leadership Council, we had to take a really early flight out so we have been here all morning and we are going to be here for a couple more days. We are going to hit up the city and maybe go and play some sports with the Elders that are here. We will see. The cool thing about our flight over was that they guy that was sitting next to us was actually a professional soccer player at Bordeaux! We got to talking with him and he was the coolest guy ever! He had a little beautiful family and as we got talking. . . he explained that his father just joined our church in Spain!! Crazy huh?! Anyways he was such a cool guy and we got his number, but one of the coolest parts is that in three weeks they are playing the biggest game of the year and he said he would get us tickets if we want them. . . Is that sweet or sweet??! So, all we need is the okay from President :)

Easter was great though, you are not going to believe it mom! I gave a talk to! Hahaha. I am sure your talk was way better though if it was about Grandpa Gene! You should send me your talk :)

After church the Tate family, from the states, invited us over for dinner so we had a good old fashioned Easter dinner after church. Not to mention they spoiled us with french pastries!

Well family!

I love you so dearly! Have a wonderful week! 

Elder Beyer

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014 "Life is so good"

Hey wonderful family!

Ahhhh I have three brothers again!! For a little while there I wasn't quite sure. . . Haha jk! But seriously, I am lovin' the new hair style Caden! It is lookin' really, really good. Hey now, don't let Brock start growing one of those moustaches again. . . That is awesome that he is working so hard though. Is he still planning on studying Psychology? As usually, Bubba looks like he is living the life.

Hahaha dad! I knew that you wouldn't be able to hide your excitement about Caden's new hair style haha. 

Hey they can have the Hot Beyer Title, I never felt like I deserved it anyways.

That is crazy about B. I am so sad to hear that. You are going to have to go and give her a huge hug for me and tell her hi :)

Okay. . .

So the crazy of all crazies has happened.

Elder Strom is leaving, going to Corsica. . . I am staying, but guess who I am getting.

Elder Taylor! Nuts huh? He is the Welling's neighbor and one of Kenzie Beyer's really good friends! Right now I am just waiting for him to come in, but I am so stoked, we are going to have so much fun together. We have been joking around for the past couple of transfers that we were going to be serving together.

This last week was a great one though. We were able to teach a lot of investigators and we had some really good RDVs with Carine. She is still doing really well, but she was so sad that Elder Strom is leaving. Right now we are just trying to get her out to all of the institute activities so that she can meet all of the cool youth in our area. She is super, super cool. Right now she is making us t-shirts with Joseph Smith's face on them and she is making us ties with spikes on them. . . I will be sure to send home photos when I have them.

At church this week we had 3 investigators! It was so awesome because it has been months since we have had that many investigators there. . . with all of the missionaries combined haha.

Life is so good right now though. I am happy as can be and it is starting to be absolutely amazing outside. The sun has been shining which makes people a lot happier so that has been pretty awesome.

Oh, this week we went to our sweet African investigators house, she is from Ghana and she is in charge of a church here in Bordeaux. Anyways we had a quick lesson with her that went really good and she told us that if she likes the Book of Mormon she will share it with her little congregation of 11 people. . . So we are going to convert all of them :) Right after the RDV she made us an amazing African dish so we were really lucky to be able to eat some good food.

Also, we had our neighbors invite us over for dinner two nights ago. They are seriously so cool. They are a french family of four and they are super Catholic. The coolest part is that the mother actually lived in Utah with a Mormon family for 3 months and went on trek with them!! Crazy or what?! I haven't even been on trek ha ha! Anyways they are super amazing and we love them. . . and they love us :)

Well my dearest family, I love you all so very much!

Remember, in the words of Elder Holland,

"Christlike love is the greatest need on this planet."

Je vous embrosse!
Elder Beyer

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014 "Loved Conference"

Hey fammmmm!

What in the world is going on over there in K-Town?! I am not sure who is looking more gangster, Bubba with that Kings hat on or Caden with his hair haha. I am sure that Brock is keeping them in line though so there is no need to worry :) Okay about Sister Hulme, yeah I see her all of the time, the ward that she is serving meets in the same building as my ward, so I see her every Sunday for sure and usually multiple times throughout the week. 

As for conference. . . Was it not the best ever? I felt like I could not write down notes fast enough. I was laughing with my companion because I remembered a few times when you (mom) gave us notebooks and told us to take notes and we complained and complained and said no, and now when conference comes on I feel like my hand is on fire I am writing down so much! I did love the talk about Gratitude as well. One of my favorite ones was the one by President Monson, I also liked the one by Elder Holland, because they both talked about Charity and how important Love is in the gospel. That is what my mission president focuses on as well so those have become some of my favorite topics to listen to. One thing that Elder Holland said that Christlike love is our greatest need on this planet. All of the talks were great though, I really liked the one on obedience as well given by Elder Hales. 

Sadly though, we were not able to watch all of the sessions. We watched them all except Sunday afternoon, with the time change the conference started at 8 for us over here so none of the missionaries had time to watch the conference and get back home. We are going to try and finish it today or next P-Day depending on if we can find any time.

This week was a fun one though. We had our district meeting in Bordeaux, and then we headed up to Limoges to hear Elder Crawley's district meeting! It was such a blast and he did such a great job. After that we got to do an exchange with Elder Crawley and his companion and I let my companion go with Elder Crawley because he was the one that trained him in the mission so he was really excited to be able to do an exchange with him to see how much he had grown.

Our investigator Carine is still doing really good. We are seeing her about 3 to 4 times a week now and she is still set on the 26 of April to be baptized. Fingers crossed! This week there are a bunch of baptisms in Bordeaux  so we are hoping that we will be able to get here to one and that will really get her excited to be baptized herself. Speaking of that, this week I am doing a baptismal interview for someone! First one ever! I am super excited.

We didn't have too much crazy stuff going on this week apart from taking a lot of trains and doing a service project for a member and his non member friend. We helped her move and had a blast. After we finished we didn't have time to stop and eat and we hadn't eaten all day so the member dropped us off so that we would be in on time, ran back to McDonald's to buy us some food, and then dropped us off a huge sac of french fries and hamburgers! It was pretty sweet! We don't eat very often with the members over here in Bordeaux, so it was pretty awesome. 

The castle last week was sweet too! We got to go out with like 12 missionaries and took a guided tour! This week we are trying to go down by the river and play some basketball like the locals, I have been told Americans are really good at basketball, so. . . wish me luck because I am terrible haha.

We need to be playin' some baseball or somethin'. . .

Well family I love you so dearly! Have a wonderful week!
Groses bises!
Elder Beyer