Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013 "I gave a talk"

Bonjour ma famille!!
How in the world are you doing?? CRAZY HUH?! Two companions. Soo, Elder Crawley is from Palmdale, California and he likes longboarding. I am loving being with Elder Crawley now. We are having a ton of fun and it has been awesome to combine all of our investigators. My other companion is named Elder Einerson and he is super cool. He is seriously like my twin from Blanding, Utah. Almost everything that he did before the mission was the things that I did. We have been having a ton of fun together with our 3 person companionship. Elder Einerson looks kinda like Troy Hinds and acts a ton like him too, so I feel like I am hanging out with Troy all the time. The only problem is that we might be having too much fun talking to people on the street now.
New companions
Geezzzz. . . Caden is growing up! Mom and dad you are not going to appreciate what I am saying. . . but when his hair is clean it is actually pretty cool. I am likin the vest too, keep the ladies away from him. That seriously blows my mind that troy is getting married. I seriously can't believe that. Tell him that I am expecting a wedding announcement in the mail soon. I am happy to hear that Bubba is still living the life of a little kid and that he is staying away from the ladies. Wow, Brock is coming home soon. . . That blows my mind! And Jenna is leaving soon! CRAZY!!
Dinner at a ward members
life is so great for me right now. I am so happy to be here in Gex. I love being in a 3 person companionship and it makes it so much better with the companions that I have right now. This last week has been a good one. I actually gave a talk in church on the birth of Christ that went really good. I ended up having to give a talk because we asked one of the members in the bishopric if we could help him out with his calling and he said, yeah! You can give a talk this Sunday! :) Hahaha so I ended up giving a ten minute talk.
It is cool to be a Mormon!!
My ward right now is seriously the best. They are all so happy every time that we see them and lately they have all been coming up to us to and inviting us over for the holidays. The funniest is the Italian families in our ward the Pelucchis and the Fontanellas. . . They both really wanted us over for Christmas so they came to common ground and now we are all spending it together at the Pelucchi's haha :) I am not sure what time we are going to be calling. . . Maybe sometime in the afternoon. . . around three or four for us. What time does that put you at?
Hey I don't know what a transit tie is but sure! Go ahead and send it! If you don't want to risk it getting lost in the mail, go ahead and keep it. By the way I am going to send home some cool ties after Christmas when everything goes on sale :)
It was pretty funny this week. . . We were at a door contacting and it was Elder Einerson's turn. . . I am going to tell what happened in English, but this was all in french. He said to this lady who opened the door, Hello Ma'am. And she responded with, Why are you here? And then he said, "Because." Then we all kinda sat there waiting for him to go on and when he didn't the lady said I don't have time right now and shut the door, but as soon as she shut the door we started laughing so hard because for some reason it was hilarious. This transfer is going to be a blast.
So right now we are still teaching our amazing Chinese little friend. He has a lot of work so it is tough to see him, but he still loves seeing us. This last time that we went to his house he opened up the door with the biggest smile on his face that I have ever seen and said, "Hey! Missionaries! How are you doing?! I missed you guys!" He is my favorite person that I have taught on my mission, so I really, really want him to follow our Savior and be baptized :)
We are also teaching a really cool guy named Remy, he has a baptismal date and for the next little while we are going to help him to stop smoking.
Well my dearest family I love you so very much. I could not be more excited to talk to you this Christmas! Make sure you come with a lot of questions because like last time I am only going to have an hour :)
Elder C. Beyer

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