Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday, December 9, 2013 "I am Staying!"

Hello mother!!

Don't you just love going to church? That is seriously my favorite thing out here on the mission. . . especially when investigators show up. By the way, one of the things that I want for Christmas is for our family to start reading Preach My Gospel together. . . The more that Caden and Bubba read that, the better missionaries that they will be :)

Geezzzzz! Bubba doesn't look like a little. . . well Bubba any more. He is totally turning into a Bridger! Ahh Caders with his dates :) Stay away from those girls they have cooties!

Dropping Elder Liechty off
So. . . I am sure that you have by dying to find out. . . 

I am staying! I am very, very excited. So, transfer calls did not really turn out the way that we thought they were going to. We got our calls on Friday with President Roney telling us that Elder Crawley and I would be staying and training again. . . Our children our leaving us and going off into the world. Elder Liechty is moving to Bordeaux! Okay, so they crazy part is that President called us last night and said. . . So it turns out that there is one less missionary coming into the mission this transfer for some odd reason, so instead of training one missionary each we are actually training a new missionary together! Hahaha crazy! So now we pool all of our investigators together and work with all of the members until another missionary shows up into our mission.

Elder Crawley ate all the cracker's!
This week was a really awesome one. We had the annual Gex Christmas party. It was seriously a blast hanging out with all of the members and we actually had 3 investigators show up! One of which is our Chinese friend who is absolutely loving everything about the gospel. We are hoping and praying like crazy that it will keep going that way and that he will accept baptism soon. . . Keep praying! So the Christmas party was actually a talent show and us four missionaries ended up singing with 4 sisters in the ward! We sang Song of Bethlehem and it turned out really, really good.

We found a really cool family this week as well! A few weeks ago we had a week where we tried to work as hard throughout the whole day. . . it was called miracle week. During that week we had some terrible weather. It was downright awful! Although, we continued to work hard through the cold weather. We met a guy when we were going from door to door who had a few kids around him when he answered the door and told us that we could totally come back another time. After about three times of passing him we finally found a time that worked and we went in and had a quick lesson with him. It turns out that he works with some Mormons in the U.S. so he knew all about the mission, why we were there and some slight basics about our message. We had a really good lesson with him though and we have an appointment scheduled for a few weeks down the road when we can go back and teach him about how he can have an even happier family. It was an awesome lesson that is going to turn into a miracle in the future :)

Christmas presents from the Pelucchi Family!
I am very blessed to be out serving the Lord right now. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world and I know that the Lord needs me here in France with these amazing French people. I love this gospel and there is no greater feeling seeing those around you change through this good news.

I hope you have the most amazing week ever and I can't wait to see your faces soon!! Yours too Caden. . . :)

Ps. . . I am never getting married so that I can always go to Grandma's annual sleepover :) (Carsen said this because I told him the married kids were not invited to Grandma Peggy's annual sleepover)


Elder Beyer

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