Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013 "I feel so blessed"

Hello Mom and family!

Hahahahahahahaha, I was laughing so hard when I saw that picture of Charlie with a cast. Ahh that is seriously so funny. Same with what Caden said. You guys are such a crack up.

That is crazy for Brock. I bet that was so exciting and crazy. That was seriously polar opposite of our scenario because we have known where we were going for Christmas for months now. That is awesome that they finally found a place to spend Christmas. . . From the way he made it sound Christmas ended up being amazing for him and they found some new investigators because of it :) I am happy to hear that Cole is doing so good as well. :) OH come on mom, you expect me to believe that Christmas was quiet with Caden, Bubba, Troy and Blair?!

Okay, as you could have guessed there is not too much new that has happened since we last talked. After we got done with our call we watched Tangled in French for our Christmas present and then we played some card games. The days that followed Christmas went by seriously so fast, but they were really good.

All of our investigators have been out of town because of Christmas, so we didn't have much going on, but this week were are going to make up for all of it and teach twice as much.

We had a couple of cool experiences this week. . . 

So we were sitting at church in our class for the investigators and all of the sudden one of the members brings in this lady who decided to come to church today. The lady sits down and starts to explain her story that about 2 years ago she was contacted by the missionaries on the bus, although she was not interested at the time they handed her a card and told her that one day she would go to church. This last week she was helping her uncle move to Gex and she passed the church at the Gex when she realized it was the same church as the missionaries that had contacted her. So Sunday came around and she decided, why not go to church. She said that she was a little nervous at first but as soon as she walked in she said to one of the members, excuse me, can I come in? The member welcomed her right in and made her feel so happy that she said she knew she was in the right place. That story was a miracle to say the least and that is proof that no effort that we do as missionaries is ever wasted. The only problem is that she doesn't even live near our sector. . . but that is okay because other missionaries in our mission are going to teach her and baptize her :)

We have no idea what this is...Elder Beyer needs to explain!
Another cool thing that happened was that we were going to do a service project for someone behind the church and right as we showed up they were all done. We were kind of bummed out because it was a potential investigator. . . but as soon as we left the apartment we contacted this lady on the street. She explained that about a year ago she had taken the lessons from the sister missionaries, we asked her name and she told us, sure enough it was a lady that we thought had moved out of our sector but it turns out that she is still living here! This lady used to have a baptismal date and we are not sure why the contact was lost with her. . . but this week were are teaching her again! It is amazing to see how the Lord places people in your path, or in other words how he has a a perfect plan that we may not understand at first, but in the end if we keep moving forward with faith things work out better in the end.

I feel so blessed to know about the restored gospel in my life and be able to share it every single day with the people of France.

Have an amazing week :)

Elder C. Beyer

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