Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sunday, January 25, 2015 "Thanks for the support"

Hey there dearest family,

Haha, I love how you started off the letter and informed me about all of the most important changes that took place. That will save me a few traffic violations and less questioning of my surroundings. I can't wait to see all of the changes for myself!

Bubba! Congrats on the eagle! Make sure that dad takes you out to get a shotgun so that we can do some clay pidgeon shooting over the next few weeks! :)

Hahaha I can't wait to see Geezoo!

As for the week. . . 

It was wonderful. As you could have guessed it flew by. Corsica was wonderful as usual. I feel so spoiled anytime that we do something like that. It is such a fun trip and we are really lucky to be able to go. Before we headed out though we had an awesome P-Day. Tuesday morning London asked us if we could go over to their house and play football and basketball with him. It was raining, but we decided to play anyways. We spent the morning having some fun getting soaked and then when we started playing football getting really muddy. It was a blast. Sister Roney made us a wonderful lunch and then afterwards we sat down for an hour with President and talked about the upcoming transfers. It is really weird planning for events that you are not going to attend.

Shortly after that we headed down to Toulon to take the ferry. We had a blast taking that, don't let me forget, but I have some funny videos to show you when I get home of the boat ride.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we were able to do some exchanges. They were all a blast! I got to work with some incredible missionaries. District meeting was wonderful as well.

Finally on Friday night we made it back to our place.

We were really busy Saturday getting everything prepared for transfer week, as well as a little bit today. We were able to get away for a little bit and take Elder Smith out to dinner for his birthday Sat. night though. 

Today we found a little bit of extra time so we ran on over to this place called La Croix Rousse and did some contacting. It was awesome being able to do that in our own sector! After about 30 minutes of contacting we had found some amazing people, of them we found this amazing family originally from China, but had been living in France for awhile now. They were so awesome. We are going to try and see them a few times this week before I head out!

Trying to match the logo on the Ferry!
Everything is going great. I am really happy getting closer to the end. I know that I have done my best over these past two years and I have learned and grown so much. I love my mission. I have learned to love and trust the Lord and for that I will forever be in debt.

Thank you for all of your support.

I love you so much,
Elder Beyer

Sunday, January 18, 2015 "Things are winding down"


These past few weeks have been wonderful. As you could have guessed, they have completely flown by. We had about twelve days that were the exact same haha. That was kinda weird, but a lot of fun. We had some crazy adventures over the past few days though. After finishing up in Bordeaux we headed on over to Bayonne to do a fireside with the members and some investigators. We pulled up to Bayonne Friday night around 7ish and went immediately to hotel.So, seeings how no one had eaten President asks if the restaurant at thehotel was open and sure enough it was. It was funny because we were pretty much the only ones in the restaurant and the whole time we were messing around and joking with the waiters and waitresses, but they would barely even crack a smile with us haha. One thing that was pretty funny is London wears nothing but basketball shorts, even if it is freezing outside. They wouldn't let him in without long pants and a coat on, so he had to go and change before they would let him in. Sister Roney made the most out of it by pulling out her camera and trying to get some photos, but London kept running away. So, I grabbed him and held him there until we could get a good photo of him! The whole dinner was hilarious with President cracking jokes the whole time about literally everything!

Saturday was spent in Bayonne. You probably saw, but I bought a new coat and a couple of shirts with my card! (I hope that it wasn't too expensive). We went and checked out the beach for about an hour in the morning. It was raining and really cold outside, so we didn't stay long, but it was enough time to take some good photos and play football with London for a little bit.

At night we had a fireside that went great! President did a bunch of magic tricks that we helped him with to explain that the gospel works magic in our lives. I was able to talk for about 5 minutes after and explain how I have seen the gospel bless lives. Everything went great and the members seemed to really like it!

We drove back today. It was about a 9 hour trip back home! We stopped by Bordeaux because we heard that S...

wasn't doing to well. He was really happy to see us and we got to spend a little time with him in the hospital. Good news is that he is doing a lot better and will be leaving the hospital shortly! He was so excited to see us.

Life is going great! Things are starting to wind down. I am excited, but really nervous at the same time. I can't wait to see how these next few weeks play out!

I love you so, so much! Tell Brother Shumway happy birthday for me and tell him that I love him! Nice work on winning the competition mom!

Yeah, that would be wonderful to come back before school starts! Food that I have missed, ummm. . . anything and everything! Haha. . . I don't know. Maybe, tri tip, twice baked potatoes, frog eye, that pomegranate apple salad that you make, stromboli, hamburgers, rice crispy treats!

Elder Beyer

Monday, January 12, 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015 "Truly love my mission"


Right now I am currently writing you from a hotel lobby in Nice. We spent the morning in Aix where we went to church and the afternoon we made the trip down to the even further south. Everything is going great right now. The sun just set, but it has been a beautiful past couple of days. It has been a lot of fun touring around the mission. It is starting to take a toll on the body, but other than that everything is going really well!

We lucked out Friday night in Aix. President has a teacher travel around with them to teach London and Kelson and originally she had planned on coming that night to meet them in Aix. She decided to spend a few more days with her husband and ended up postponing her arrival just a few days. Anyways, all of that to explain that because of that the Roney's had an extra hotel room that they couldn't cancel. We scored big and we got to take that room! That was definitely the best nights sleep that I have had over the past few weeks. The hotel was crazy nice and we woke up to an incredible breakfast buffet. Not too shabby, huh?

The next few days are going to be spent doing basically the same thing everyday. The only thing that really changes is our location, where we are sleeping, and where and who we eat with that night. It has been awfully strange over the past few days, I have felt like I have been living the movie Ground Hog Day. Haha, it has been the same thing over and over again with just a few slight variations. Haha, hopefully if I live the day right it will finally stop! ;)

The other day it hit me how soon I am going to be able to see you all! I am so excited. I am going to miss my mission like crazy, but I can't wait at the same time. This week I shared my final testimony at the Lyon conference with Elder Crawly and Elder Dalton. Man was that weird. It seems like we were just in the MTC together. Both of those guys have become some of my best friends for life so it was great to finish on such an incredible note with them. I can relate to Brock, it was pretty hard to give that without bursting out in tears. I have truly loved my mission.

Something cool that was said in a conference not too long ago was that one day there will be a point in our lives where we think, what would my life be if I has not served a mission. My mission has improved my life in so many ways. I have come to understand a little bit better about how happy living the Gospel makes people in their lives. This knowledge has really helped me to see that even though it might seem tough, as we live the teachings of Christ we are blessed in so many ways that we couldn't even imagine. I have definitely noticed that I would not have that strong conviction if I had not come out here and done many hard things. I know now though, that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is divine and is there for our happiness.

I will try not to be counting down the days until I see you, but London is not making it easy! Haha!

I love you all so much!

Elder Beyer

Wednesday, January 12, 2015 "I will miss France"

Salut famille!

Right nowwe are on our way back to Lyon. We have spent the last three days in Switzerland, starting in Lausanne, one of my favorite cities in Switzerland, the Yverdon, and today we finished up in Geneva. As you could have guessed the last few days have been pretty exhausting. Up at 6:30 every morning, sleeping on some floors at night, and lots going on in between. We have been having a lot of fun together. The conferences have been going really well and the spirit has been really strong in each one of them. The main focus has been choosing to be a delightful person. As we become more delightful people are more inclined to listen to us and become our friends as missionaries and all throughout our lives.

Our presentation has been centered around the story of the Good Samaritan. He went well out of his way to help that man in need and because of that experience the man's life was changed. We are focusing on how as missionaries we meet different people who are spiritually suffering along the way and as we become more Christlike we become more delightful to the point that our encounter with them turns into an experience that changes their lives. It has been a really fun, cool topic. The missionaries have really seemed to enjoy it and we have had a great time presenting it. Tomorrow, well by the time you get this this might have already passed, will be our conference in Lyon and I am so excited. Elders Crawley, Dalton, Montgomery, Haws and a lot more of my good mission buddies will be there. This is the conference that I will probably share my final testimony. It seems really strange thinking about the reality of my mission starting to wind down. I have so many mixed feelings because I cannot wait to see all of you, but I am going to really miss France and all of the amazing people that I have met since I have been out here.

One of the craziest things has been saying bye to missionaries that I have had the privilege to work with over these past two years. We got to spend two nights in Lausanne where I got to spend about thirty minutes catching up with Elder Elvidge. Luckily I will be seeing him back in Utah, or that would have totally stunk saying bye. It has been that way with a bunch of missionaries over the past little while.

Sunday night about killed us in doing numbers in Lausanne. There were tons of problems with the computers and the software on them so it took us so long. We lost a ton of sleep and it has been brutal running on that over the past few days. Haha, luckily it is starting to get a little bit better.

Other than that the nights have been wonderful. We have spent two of them at the homes of a couple of the Stake Presidents in our mission. We had tons of fun with them and their families. They both had HUGE families, young families with small children on top of that, so we had a great time with them. With one of them we played this game that they play often throughout Christmas. It is a game called gateau des rois. In each cake, more like a pie, there is a tiny figurine hidden inside. Once the cake is cut up and everyone has their piece everyone begins to eat. You have to be careful not to bite too hard because there is a possibility that there might be a small toy hidden in there and you don't want to brake any teeth. Whoever finds the little toy in theirs they become the king and they are given a crown to wear around. There were three toys for about 18 of us and I really lucked out and had one of them in my slice! So, I went home with a sweet little crown that the kids made out of colored paper. That is one of my favorite traditions that they do here in France.

Things are going great right now. I am having a blast. These last few days have been a blast with the Roneys. London has been really funny because he is always hitting us and giving us flat tires, he is 13, but lately he has been counting down the days and hours until I go home hahaha. He is going to miss me :) My joke back to him is that he has a more accurate count than you do mom!

Well, the next two days we will be in Lyon, I love this city, then it is off to Aix! Pray for us that we don't get sick traveling around visiting all of these sick missionaries!

I love you all so, so much!

Elder Beyer

Sunday, January 4, 2015 "Busy Week Ahead"

Hey there family! 

Well it looks like you all had way too much fun this week at the Cabin! I love hearing that! 

Tell everyone hello for me and that I love them!

Hahaha, funny that you bring up that story about Coloradoing because I was actually telling that to my companions the other day. That was one of the most scary, but funniest experiences ever.

Tell Kenz she made a good choice!

Well, Elder Nadauld was kind enough to email you a little bit and let you know how everything is going and what we are up to. (Elder Nadauld sent us the nicest note)

As you can see we have a pretty busy schedule. (He sent us his schedule for the next month)

We are just finishing up numbers and are probably going to be heading over to the Zone Leaders apt. soon before we are too exhausted before the week even starts.

This week consists of a conference everyday where we will be presenting a little bit. After conference is over we head to the next city and eat there with the Roney family. We then drop them off at the hotel, head to the  ZL's apt. and pick them up the next day for the same thing all over again.

We are going to have a blast, but man is it going to be crazy!

I love you all so much! I wish that I could write more, but we don't have too much time!

I will try and send you updates if I can find some time!

Elder Beyer

Monday, December 29, 2014

Sunday, December 28, 2014 "Grateful for this experience"

Hey family!!

It was so great to hear from you for Christmas! You all looked so great and sounded so happy. Thanks :) I am going to miss being able to share with others my testimony in french.  It sounds like you had a wonderful time for Christmas! We watched some movies as well. . . we ended up watching Frozen in french for the one Disney movie that we could watch for Christmas.

I think you are right. I am going to be grateful for the experiences that I have been having for the rest of my life. I have had some of the greatest laughs, cries, and amazing experiences out here. I know that these experiences have truly shaped me to the person that I need to be in the future. Elder Taylor is a great guy. I am really happy to have this opportunity to serve with him again. We all have been having a blast together. Yeah, I don't know what that crazy girl is thinking! Haha. She is going to do an incredible job though and I am really happy for her.

Since we talked on Christmas we had a few crazy experiences. We drove down to Avignon to pick up a washing machine. It was great because I got to see two old companions. Elder Ambursley and Elder Liechty. Both of them are doing really great and are really happy. After that we headed down to Toulouse and dropped off the washing machine and did an exchange with the Zone Leaders down there. It went great despite the fact that it rained literally the whole time! Haha, it was freezing! Well I guess not literally or we would have had snow.

The trip back was really tiring. We made another stop by Avignon to drop off another washing machine that we had picked up for them. It was awesome because both times that we stopped through Avignon they were eating with members and the members begged us to eat with them a little bit. So the first time we ate some amazing cake, and the second time we had lasagna with one of the families. It was not too shabby! The next morning we got up at 5 and headed back to Lyon to make it to church on time! We made it!

Everything is going great right now. I am really happy to be serving the Lord.

I know that as we learn to follow the Savior and trust that he knows better than us, we are blessed. Often times my mission president says that our job is to learn everything that Christ taught and obey it, because that is what makes us happy. I know that this is true. There is no better way to learn what he said than to feast upon the scriptures everyday. Let us all make some great resolutions to not go a single day without reading from these wonderful scriptures that we have been provided with.

I love you so much!

Have a wonderful week!

Elder Beyer

Sunday, December 21, 2014 "Crazy Week"

Hey family!!

I know! Can you believe how quick that has come! I am so excited to see all of you and hear how all of you are doing! We will be calling around 5:00! I think we are going to try and do it in the office, so hopefully the connection is good. Also, I did get your packages! The sweaters are so sweet!! Hahahaha, we were loving them! A senior couple in the office took our photo and said that they were going to send it to you, so unfortunately that is the only photo that we have and the sweaters are back at our apartment, so you might not be able to see a photo until next week! Sorry! Okay, come on here! Last year I was totally joking about opening my package! I totally waited and opened it up on Christmas Day!! Haha. . . However, I did start opening up some of my presents for this years package :) Don't tell anyone!

You're dream sounds interesting mom! Sorry that I wouldn't give you a hug, I hope that you don't hold it against me on Christmas! Maybe a bunch of missionaries are going to show up to your house this week wanting to eat, so you better be ready!

Nice! Haha! Cali again! I hope that you had lots of fun and that you were able to fill up a book of all of the Disney Characters signatures for me! ;)

The Christmas parties that we had this week were incredible. They were some of my favorite conferences that I have had since I have been out here on my mission. I asked Brock if he could let you know, but I am not sure if he did. We had David Archuleta come to our mission and sing. It was seriously so amazing. His singing sounds the exact same live as it does on the Cd's.

The whole week was a crazy one in preparing for the conference. We had lots to do and we found ourselves running around the whole week. The conferences were held Thursday in Lyon, and Friday in Bordeaux. Correct, there was only two. There were about 130 missionaries in Lyon, and 110 in Bordeaux. Thursday we had a crazy schedule getting everything ready. We were flying back and forth getting everything set up, running to the store to help pick up food, doing all sorts of other things, etc. It was a really fun, hectic experience. The conference, like I said, was amazing. David did an incredible job. He is so talented and gifted, but so humble. President, Sister Roney, and us all presented, and after each one of us David would sing and say some things. The spirit was so strong when he was singing. Our mission president says often that music and love are the two Heavenly things that we experience here on earth. 

After the conference on Thursday we loaded up the Christmas packages and everything we needed for the conference and headed down to Bordeaux. It took us a good while to get there. We rolled into Bordeaux around 3:00 in the morning. When we got there we had to unload everything at the church, so we ended up getting to the apartment around 4:00. We got a little bit of sleep and then headed to the airport to pick David, his guests, and the Roneys up. We gave them the van and then met them at the church. Once again, the conference was incredible. Our presentation went pretty well as well. We talked about the birth of the Savior and how like the Wise Men we need to lay some gifts at his feet this Christmas season.

On the way back we had to make a few detours. We stopped by Toulouse because we had to drop off a fridge and a washing machine. We then took a long drive along the coast until we finally got back to Lyon that night.

We were exhausted when we got back and hadn't really eaten the whole day, but we got a call from a few missionaries asking if we could help them transport some tables to another church. Once we finished up we headed home and just dropped dead haha. Morning came quick!

Church was great!

I cannot wait to talk to you in a few days! Merry Christmas until I can say it to you in person!

Grosses Bises! Je vous aime tous! :)

Elder Beyer