Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013 "Thanksgiving"

Looks like a sweet vacation! Yeah right, with Brock and myself there we would have pestered Caden and Bridger to the point of tears. . . so it would have been less fun with us there. That is awesome! You can't forget to have fun sometimes :) That is so awesome that he was able to send that to you! He is seriously one of my favorite people in the ward, he helps us out so much and he comes out teaching with us about two or three times a week. We have about three or four returned missionaries like that in our ward.
That is awesome for Caders and Bubba.
Okay, transfer calls. . .
I am seriously so nervous. I am not going to lie, I really, really don't want to leave. I know for sure Elder Liechty and I are probably not going to be staying together (which is sad because I would seriously love that). So now it is just a matter of who gets to spend Christmas here with the amazing Gex ward. . . and who is going to get moved.
So I have some amazing things that happened this week for Thanksgiving.
So, earlier in the week I got to do an exchange over in Martigney, Switzerland, which is seriously one of the most beautiful places in the world. We drove around lake Geneva to get there and about two hours later we found ourselves surrounded by mountains in this little beautiful city. Beautiful.
Next up was Thanksgiving dinner. . . As you know we were lucky enough to spend it with the only American family in our ward. They hooked us up with the goods, and I hate to break it to you, but my Thanksgiving dinner was a lot better than popcorn and coke. They made everything that you could wish for on Thanksgiving, even Sweet Potatoes. . . Yeah that's right :) That was a lot of fun to be able to spend Thanksgiving in "America."
The next day might have been even better though, a while back we helped this family move who is in the Geneva English ward (this ward consists of all of the Americans in Switzerland), so anyways they called us up Friday night and were like, Hey! Do you want to come to our Turkey Bowl tomorrow morning?? And we were like, heck yeah we do! So believe it or not, Saturday morning we played some real American Football with about 30 Americans! Crazy huh?! I think that I might be serving in America right now, we were joking about it because this is the only place in the mission where we would be able to play American football.
After the Turkey Bowl we were able to go out to this Oscar night in Geneva that our Stake set up for the youth. So what it was was over the past few months the youth have been making these hilarious videos that have some kind of funny church theme behind them. . . The videos were seriously hilarious! So well done. They set it up like an actual awards ceremony so everyone of the members showed up in suits or tuxedos and we all watched the videos together while we had some funny hosts who hosted the event. Our ward made the best video ever and they actually won the contest, it was about a less active young adult who changed his life around for a girl, went on a mission and actually ended up getting married to her in the temple. They did a really good job and the night was a blast. . . Although, we had to leave at nine :( So we weren't able to see the awards ceremony.
So, the cool guy I told you about last week who is from China is progressing really well right now and we actually invited him to church last week. . . and he came! To the wrong church though :( We waited for him at church and when he didn't show up we were pretty sad, so around three we went over to his house for our lesson and he explained to us he couldn't find our church so he went inside a random Catholic church hoping to find us. . . But, now we know he sincerely wants to come and next week we are going to help him find the right one :) Hahaha. . . oopppps.
Life is going so great right now. The only problem is that time is going by too fast. I can't believe that Brock is going to be home in the next little while. That blows my mind. Well, I better take advantage while I can. I am so happy to be out serving the Lord and truly I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I love France and I love the French people with all of my heart :)
Love you all so much,

Elder C. Beyer

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