Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013 "Blair is married"


Ohhhhh my goodness! I cannot believe that Blair is married! That honestly blows my mind. I don't know how I am going to focus on missionary work this week. Now how are we going to go fishing everyday in two years? Huh? Explain that one. . . 
Troy, stay away from girls! But, I think he is really going to like it down there :) And I really like the socks.
That is awesome for Caden and Bubba for football! Hahaha that picture of Caden was hilarious, for a minute there I thought he was wearing a wig. . . nope! Hahaha.

Okay! So this week was really good! Our investigators invited us over for dinner so we had an awesome dinner appointment with them. They are out of town now though so it has been about five days since we have seen them. Everything is still going pretty good, so hopefully we can keep teaching them. Also, another lady that I contact about a month ago that I gave a BOM to agreed to meet us at the church and we had an awesome lesson with her and our branch president so hopefully all keeps going well with that and she will want to learn more!

This week was amazing because we got to go to our zone conference in Bordeaux. It was such a good conference and honestly I left that meeting happier than I have ever been. I had a really good interview with President Roney too and it really boosted my spirits, he explained what he wants me to become during my mission and what he has in store for me, he said to keep doing exactly what I am doing and I will become that missionary. After that conference I got to spend a few nights in Bordeaux on and exchange with Elder Visser. It was awesome! I love Bordeaux! It was really nice to kind of mix things up a little bit and I had a blast with Elder Visser hustling around and talking with EVERYONE!

Another awesome miracle that we saw this week was that we had met one of the less active Tongan family's friend when we first got into M-de-M and walking home the other day we ran into him! He invited us in for drinks and we got to meet his awesome family! They were so cute! Anyways, long story short we were in his neighborhood and decided to pass him really quick to see if we could stop by another night, he was so happy to see us and was like, Yeah! Of course you can, come back on Wednesday! So Wednesday night we have a lesson with him and his family! I am so excited and man to I love Polynesians :)

This week was really tough at times, missions are not easy! But I have learned more in these times of struggle than I could have ever imagined before. The Lord gives us trials so that we can learn, grow, and in the end be even happier so I know that all of these hard times are going to be well worth every second in the end. I love you all so much and hope that you have an amazing week!

Elder Beyer

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday, August 19. 2013 "Things are great"


Hahaha I loved the story of the Duck Dynasty, man do I miss that show haha. Seriously though, they all look like homeless people, but they are all billionaires. That picture of Josh is sweet! That didn't even look like Josh, and that is so weird that he is not wearing shoes. Caden is getting smaller ;) Tell Coach Bishop hi and that I love him! Tell him thanks for all the things he taught me in football. Tell John it was so good to see his smiling face and every time I put on the ties he gave me it instantly puts a smile on my face. Send my love!

Sweet castle type thing in Bordeaux!
Okay, so this week was like 180 degree turn. It was so much better than they last week and I honestly cannot describe the difference. I don't know what caused the head turn, but after working A LOT of things out things are going better. After a lot of praying, and I mean a lot, ha ha this week flipped completely. So, no worries, I am happy :)

Before I forget, the food here is awesome. . . When we eat with the members haha. But, we rarely eat with the members. Other than that, it is very similar to what a college student would eat. . . We shop at the grocery store, very modern, but they don't provide bags, and we mostly buy pasta, sandwiches, rice, etc. . . With the members though, we eat like kings and they make all kids of quiches and pastries and salads, it really is SO good. Speaking of that we have a family home evening tonight with a member. . . and an investigator!

That's right. . . an investigator! 

Rugby Stadium!
Last P-Day walking home we saw a family out working on their yard so we went over and asked if we could help, they said no, but they said we could come back the next day and teach them. They are an awesome Portuguese family with two kids and since that day we have had two lessons, they came to church (the parents), after church they invited us over for lunch, and tonight we have a RDV with them and a member family! It is going to be sweet!

Other than that, basically everyone in this town knows the missionaries and a lot of them know me ha ha. . . So, we are going to start going out to neighboring villages to see if we can find some new people who haven't talked to us yet. So close to every morning this week we are going to try and take a bus in the morning, work all day in the town, and then come back at night. It is going to be exciting!

Last week we had zone training in Bordeaux and it went really good and this week we have zone conference there again, after that I am going to be staying and doing an exchange with Elder Visser (he is from Northridge), for a day.
I am so excited for that.

I slept horrible in Bordeaux!
Thank you so much for the package you sent. The kids are going to love the little rings and bracelets and I loved the socks, they are so comfortable. You guys are the best! I am probably good on candy for awhile though. . . Haha.

The Tongan family is out of town, but I think they get back this week. In knocking doors we actually found a family who is also Togan, who also plays rugby and who also knows the Mormon family we know! So hopefully we can meet up together.

That is terrible about Chris though, I hope all is well now. Geezzz. Speaking of Cole what is his email? I can't believe Nick is already home too.


Well anyways I love you all so so much!

Elder C. Beyer

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday, August 12, 2012 "Walking in the Rain"

 Hello family!!!

You all look and sound so so wonderful!!
Ha ha I can't believe that football is already starting, that seriously is so crazy. Good luck! I swear I was just padding up to go out to two a days. . . man does time fly sometimes. That is awesome that you were able to get out to dinner with Jenna! I bet she loved that! You guys are seriously the best parents ever :) Hopefully her knees start feeling better because that is a hard situation for her.

You are so right though! Fall is just around the corner, it is crazy hot here still, but the nights are really nice. There is nothing that beats a night in the fall. I go out at night and write in my journal on the balcony and soak in the amazing nights every night. . . it's not to bad ha ha :)

That is really nice what Kim said, they are such amazing people. I hope she is right, sometimes it feels like a punishment ha ha. But, I know that the Lord is sticking me in the fire right now so that I can become a better missionary, I just hope that I can make it out of the fire before being cremated. . . 

So, this week was probably the hardest week that I have had on my mission. ..So please send your prayers.

This week was also amazing though, there is a group of missionaries in the mission who are the traveling assistants to the president and what they do is travel around and work with all of the other different groups of missionaries. It was awesome because we got to do an exchange with them and they were such stud missionaries! I learned so much and it truly was such a blessing to get to work with them. At the end of that day we had a RDV with one of the members in our branch and because they had a car we were able to get out and see them, we had an awesome lesson with them which I actually gave and then we ate with them. It was so much fun and truly was one of my favorite experiences on my mission.

One thing that happened this week was on the way home it started pouring and I didn't have an umbrella. . . so I walked home in the pouring rain and it was amazing! So refreshing after all of these hot hot days! So, ha ha, by the time I got in I was seriously soaked head to toe but I felt so amazing that I truly didn't care!

About the rugby team, we are really close to them and I really want to go to a game. . . But, they never play on our p-day, so I don't think we are ever going to go. However, we have a few potential investigators on that team and a less active family who needs to be supported so maybe president can make an exception. . . 

Ha ha, anyways, all is great right now. I have basking in the refiners fire this week, but I know it is for a wise purpose! I love you all and miss you very much!

Elder Beyer

Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013 "I'm going to Switzerland"

Hello family!

So. . . I am moving to Switzerland and getting a new companion. . . 

Jk! I am going to be staying in Mont-de-Marsan for another transfer and I will be receiving Elder Wheat. I think he is in his 13th transfer, so I am sure that he is going to have a lot of wisdom :)

Right now I am in Bordeaux waiting for my companion to show up, I have been here all day waiting for his train ha ha. It has been nice though, really relaxed and I have got to spend some time with the other missionaries.

Everyone looks amazing in the pictures! Tell Troy congrats and I hope that all goes well for him. It looks like Bubby had a really awesome time at scout camp and I am glad he returned home in one piece. Tell Caders to keep up the good work. It looks like dad is finally getting some time to enjoy the good out doors! Lucky! Ha ha Caden is so lucky, oh the things I would do to spend some quality time with mom right now, ha ha. I am so glad to hear that all is good at home though, keep being the amazing family that you are! Tell Megan and Ben congrats for me! That is so awesome.

Okay, so this week in Mont-de-Marsan was the same as all the others. We walked around all day and contacted, but, there was a new family that moved into our little branch and it was awesome because we were able to get over and do a lot of service for them and have some dinner with them. I seriously loved it! As much as I love walking around all day and contacting, it was awesome to get a break and do some service.

This next transfer is going to be awesome. Another trial of patience and it is going to be another tough one, but I know that the Lord always provides a way for us to overcome our obstacles. He will help me get through these hard times if I keep working hard and pushing through and I know that all of my trails are molding me for the missionary that I need to become.

All in all though I am really happy! Last week I found this sweet little lake by our apartment with my companion and it seriously looks just like Lilly Lake! I loved it and it helped to wash away all of my little stresses and really relax last P-Day. Hopefully my new companion will be all for going down there too, but we will see.

I love you all so much! Thanks for all you do for me and have a wonderful week!

Elder C. Beyer