Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013 "See you in 2 days"

Well hello there amazing family! I loooooved the pictures that you sent hahaha. They were seriously killing me. Good old Bubby with his cheeks. I looooved the Christmas card. The transit ties are pretty sweet too, so definitely keep mine at home for me to keep it in a good condition. So did he like trade the bus drivers or something??? That is so weird but awesome.
Okay, as for the training of new missionaries. Yeah it is the best thing ever. It is by far the most fun thing ever too. You are always laughing about something. It is pretty nice right now because with Elder Crawley and myself we just kind of take turns talking to people and helping out Elder Einerson, but every once in awhile we don't say anything and let him work through it haha. It is the best. He is doing a great job though, he is learning very quickly so before no time he is probably going to be teaching me how to speak French.
I am glad to hear that Bubba is still the toughest one in the family. . .
Mom! What are you doing doing last minute Christmas shopping? That should have been done months ago!! Haha. As for Christmas day, we are going to be calling at 5:00 our time so 9:00 in the morning for you. Be expecting our calls! Like I said before I am only going to have an hour so come prepared! I will go through my journal and find a couple funny stories to tell as well :) As for our Christmas shopping. . . we don't really do any. The other day we bought a present for our investigator Jie and today we are going to buy a gift for the Pelucchi's and the Fontanella's (the Italian families), but other than that not really. That is too bad for Brockster, I know that if anyone can deal with that it will be him though. That would be so hard if you were a young missionary, but I think it wont even be a problem for Brock. Besides there are some families that he needs to go and baptize back in London that he was not able to baptize the first time around.
Keep hitting up the slopes everyone!
Okay, so this week was a pretty cool one.
It has been a little crazy because all of our investigators are leaving on vacation. . . but we were able to have some teaching appointments with a couple of them. So the coolest thing that happened this week was that on Tuesday we decided to have a fast for one of our investigators, Jie from China, so throughout the whole day we fastest for him and it seriously went by so fast and we were not really even that hungry. A couple days after that we had our appointment with him and we taught the end of the Plan of Salvation. We testified of the eternal family and how that comes from living the Gospel of Jesus Christ and even though we had asked him to be baptized a few times in the past where he said not yet, the spirit was soo strong so we decided to ask again. It was seriously was of the best feelings that I have ever felt on my mission and he immediately said yes :) So it is going to be tough with his work schedule right now because he is really busy, but hopefully within the next month we are going to able to help our amazing friend to make some covenants with our Heavenly Father.
Well, missions are seriously the best, especially over Christmas. People are just happier. A lot more people stop for a second on the street, people have smiles on their faces more often, and all of this is because of our Savior Jesus Christ who came into this world to save us. I know that because he loves us he was born, he died, and he was resurrected. Because he loves us we can change and repent so that we can have joy in this life. I remember an awesome quote that I heard in seminary one time that said, "The best smell in the chapel is the smell of cigarette smoke." That is one of my favorite quotes because sometimes people see change and repentance as a negative thing, when in reality it is a positive thing. . . now that doesn't make it easy, but in the end we will be happier than we have ever been.
Well my dear family, keep being amazing, keep going to the temple and doing missionary work for our ancestors because it is just as important as the work that the full time missionaries are doing, and have a wonderful next few days! I am soo excited to see your faces. . . Even if they might not be as cute as they used to be Caden and Bubba. . .

Elder C. Beyer

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