Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday, January 6, 2014 "It's a boy!"

Bonjour ma chère famille!
BUBBA! Stay away from all of those girls! They seriously all have cooties! Mom you need to up that price to 1000.00 :) Hahahahaha I was laughing so hard about that story with Caden :) Hahahahahahaha, that is seriously so funny. . .
As for Gex, it is doing amazing right now and I am absolutely loving it :)
Okay. . .
I have news that is going to blow your mind this week. So last night we were sitting in an appointment with an investigator and all of the sudden Elder Crawley got a call. He stepped out and took the call and then he came back in like nothing had happened. As soon as we finished the RDV and got out of the door Elder Crawley says, "Do you want to know who that was?" We were like, "Ummm, sure." Then he said, "It's a boy!" Hahaha. . . He was like that was the assistants and tomorrow we are going to be heading into Lyon to pick up your new companion! Crazy huh?! So today we are driving into Lyon, picking up my new companion who is on the plane right now, eating with the Roney family at the mission home and then we are staying in Lyon for the night. We are all really excited and it is going to be a ton of fun. So the thing that is cool about this missionary coming in is that it is the missionary that left from Brock's stake in Toronto! He is super cool and he is a recent convert of about a year. I am so excited. But, I am very sad to be leaving my other two companions because it was a lot of fun being with three missionaries and I was certain that Elder Einerson was my son in the mission because we are so much a like. . . but Elder Crawley was the real father. . . That is something weird about missions, when you train a missionary he is your son and you are his father and when you enter the mission you are "born" and when you leave the mission you "die."
There was a few awesome things that happened this week. One of them was that we decided to go and check out an area of our sector that we had never seen before. It is just on the other side of the mountains. We thought it was going to be a small town so we decided to go on a Saturday when we thought there would be the most people. We made the trip out and it took about an hour. So we made it around the mountains and at about 30 minutes into the drive we start driving up next to the mountain and this huge valley/river started to become apparent in the middle of the two mountains on both side of us. Up in the distance we saw a huge bridge connecting the two mountains and it was seriously one of the most amazing things that I have every seen. These towns on the other side of the mountains are these incredible skiing towns that are situated up on the side of the mountains. We continued to go further in and we crossed the bridge connecting these two mountains and after driving along the side of the mountain we arrived in this little village called Champfromier. You are going to have to google image it. . . If there is one place that we need to come back and visit together it would have to these little villages in the alps that are surrounded by the ski resort and right in the middle of the village there was this huge catholic cathedral. Something you are going to have to see someday.
We had a few really cool things happen this week. We have been really looking for families to teach and that is what we focused our fast on. We have found four new potential families now and I am seriously so so excited! I hope that we can teach them this week.
There was one family that we contacted last transfer and we re passed their house this week to see them. We show up and the dad invites us right in to have something to drink. We talked to him for about ten minutes and I don't know why, but we were just crackin him up and we had him seriously laughing. Next thing we know his wife and two daughters show up and the same thing happened, we had them really laughing. He started to then say well thanks for coming by to see us. . . we knew he was about to send us on our way before we started talking about the gospel when all of the sudden we said, well we want to explain our message to you. He responded in saying. . . ahhhh, you want to convert me to be a Mormon. . . I smiled and said, yeah :) You are exactly right haha. You and your family! He started laughing because I don't think that he was expecting that and said but we already have a Strong family. . . I then responded and said, I know, that is why you will be perfect for our church!
We then started to explain the Proclamation to the family and family night and asked him if we could come over Monday night and show him how to have family night. . . Keep in mind this guy is very, very catholic. . . We asked him and he was soooooo close to saying yes! So close! He thought about it and said that he couldn't promise to anything, but he would try and find sometime to read the brochure, but he would have to thing about meeting with us the next week. . . That just means now we are going to have to work through the families that he knows in the ward :) We are going to send them on his case to invite him to a family night :) Hahaha. . .
Lets see, so for New Years eve we were at a members house from about 7:30 to 8:30, where we got to eat a lot and celebrate for about and hour. . . but then we had to go home. So new years was a little bit different this year, but it was still a lot of fun :)
Well family,
I love you all so very much. I am so grateful to know that we have an eternal family through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that I am on the Lord's errand right now so I could not be happier :)
I found a really cool scripture the other day,

 D & C 88:63. . . Check it out!
Elder Beyer

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