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Monday, September 29, 2014 "Transfer will be crazy"

Chère Famille!

Great work with the football games! It looks like you are well past getting your feet wet this season and are starting to play like a real team ;) Hahaha. Bubba, you have got to play the piano on the sides. No ladies are going to want someone who is only good at sports!

Okay. . . 

So this week was so crazy! I feel like from now on life is going to be a little bit crazy. On Wednesday I was on an exchange sitting in a lesson when all of the sudden my phone started to ring and I look down to see that it was President Roney calling. I was like, Ah! I better go grab this one. After talking to President for a sec he completely shocked me changing where I thought I was going to be going. He said, "Since you have been such a bad mission for so long we have decided to bring you in as one of my assistants for a couple of transfers." I was so shocked that I had no idea what to say. Haha. . . I was not expecting that call at all. Especially because neither of the assistants were finishing their missions. Now, one of them is going to finish as a zone leader teaching us all how we can baptize one person a transfer and is really going to set the tone for all of the missionaries. This new transfer is going to be crazy!

I will just give you a quick recap.

Thursday I went to a meeting at Presidents. Elder Elvidge, my new companion, and I were running a good part of it. Once we were finished running over the first week with everyone involved we had planned to leave so I could get back to my sector and finish working, but President pulled us into his office and we started going over the plan for the next transfer. We then spent the rest of the day going over the vision of what we need to accomplish and change in our mission. It was really cool seeing how that inspiration works from the other end. It is very obvious that Sister and President Roney are very inspired. We occupied ourselves with some little things for the rest of the night and we found ourselves heading home around 11. We were then back the next morning at 7 to start working on the transfer calls and calling every missionary. It was pretty funny listening to how some of the missionaries would respond in the calls because President would say the funniest things to them. After we were done with calls we ate with the Roney's and then got back to work. The rest of the night we spent getting things ready for the next transfer. We created the calendar, the roster, started preparing conferences, and all sorts of other things. 

We tore up our shirts with the mission and made titles of liberty!
Saturday we were able to go to a baptism! Well. . . actually 4! 4 people here in Lyon all got baptized in the same meeting! Sébastien was one of them! It was awesome seeing him all dressed up in white along with a couple of others! The baptism went great and Elder Taua, Elder Elvidge and I actually sang a trio for it that went really great. We sang our mission song, Les Anges dans nos Campagnes. Elder Taua played the Uke and we all sang. It actually went really, really well. Later that night we were able to go over to our mission nurse's house and she fed us! 

Sunday went great! After church we headed home to finish packing and unpacking. Once we were done we headed over to a members house to have some fun with them and eat some crepes! It was a blast. Shortly after we headed on over to the Roney's to have a last dinner with Elder Taua. We had a lot of fun eating and playing games with their family. I think that has been my favorite part of the last few days. I have gotten to spend so much more time with the Roney family and I have come to love them even more. They are truly such amazing people and I feel so blessed with his opportunity to spend more time with them and to learn from them. These next few months are going to be huge growing months for me!

We finished off Sunday night doing numbers until 2:30! We were so exhausted by the end of it haha! It was a refresher finishing those up. We are going to be pretty exhausted this week. We have a crazy week planned with the new missionaries and the departing missionaries. . . so wish us luck! I love you all so much!

Bonne semaine!

Elder Beyer

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