Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday, Septmember 22, 2014 "Miracles took place"

  Hey there family!

Sorry to be coming into you so late! We spent this P-Day at the Roney's house and seeings how we don't have a car we snagged a ride from the office Elders and they left a little bit earlier than we are thinking. . . unfortunately I am not going to have a ton of time to email, but I will do my best! Lyon is treating me very well though! I am loving it here and I sure hope that I get to spend a few more transfers here! That is so awesome for Rachael and Carlos! Tell them congratulations and that I am so so happy for them! That is so great! That sounds like a great dinner to be having!

Ah man! I can't believe that the Darts couldn't pull through! How about those little Kaysville boys! Not too shabby! Caden! Sickest tie ever! Too classy. I hope that you two had fun. Classic, heading over to the Gee's after. Can't Caden and his friends come up with anything original?!

Well. . . 

As for the miracles that took place this week. . . 

I am going to start out by telling you what happened with Neson.

So, in church last Sunday we announced his baptism. We thought for sure that he was going to be ready. Neson is only 17 though, so in order for him to get baptized we had to get hold of his mom in Nigeria. We found ourselves a Friday night not having been able to get in touch with her, the baptismal interview already having been completed, but our time vanishing away quickly because the baptism was the next day and without permission he wouldn't be able to be baptized. It was around 4:00 and we headed over to the local store to buy a calling card to see if we could get hold of his family. We went back to the church and Elder Dalton, Neson and myself all pulled up chairs and put the phone on the table in the middle of us. I don't know how, but he had the number of his mom. We punched it in. . . a few rings. . . and nothing. . . 

We started getting kind of nervous. We tried again. . . nothing. . . We figured one last time, and again nothing! We were starting to get a little sad because this meant that he wouldn't be able to be baptized. We were sitting there not knowing what to do when all of the sudden Elder Dalton saw another number on his phone with the same area code as Nigeria. It turns out it is his Aunt's number. So we gave it a call. Sure enough, she answered! They were so excited to be talking to each other and Neson was screaming he was so excited. That was the first time that he was able to talk to his family since he has been here in France. The best part that he mom was actually in the room at that same time so he was able to talk to her as well! We quickly called the member here who speaks their same language so she could make sure they were okay with it, so we put them both on speaker and they talked for a minute. . . and the first thing that the member said to us was that we will see you tomorrow at 2:00 at the baptism! Total miracle!

So, the next day. . . 

We met Neson around 1 and then headed over to the church. We had a great service, half in English and half in french. Neson was then baptized by the member from Nigeria here! 

The funniest thing was that the Elders in Ecully who filled up the font for us in the morning because we don't have a font at our little apartment building actually made a huge mistake. The water was going down slowly so they tried to fix the plug and then they left. It turned out that they completely knocked it out of place. When we went in to do the ordinance there was only about three inches of water left hahaha! I started laughing so hard and then watched while those Elders ran in with buckets with panicked looks on their faces saying, ohhhh man, we are soooo sorry! We we get it filled! So we went back in, finished the other talks, and then with a bunch of missionary efforts they were able to fill it enough that Neson could be baptized!!

After the baptism we had my favorite senior couple from Switzerland named the Muller's come out of nowhere and bring chili for everyone! Ah it turned out great in the end!!

Oh, I was going to tell dad! There is a Korean student in our ward who I made so happy when I told her hello in Korean! She has taught me a few other words, but you are going to have to tell me some more so that I can tell her every time that I see her!! Judging by her, Korean people are so stinkin' nice! Haha :)

P-Day at the Roney's was so much fun today! We played baseball, volleyball, and football and at BBQ chicken sandwiches! Not too shabby!

Transfers this week! Hopefully Elder Dalton and I stay together!

"Christ is as close to us as we allow him to be." This was one of my favorite things that was said by Elder Ballard when he came and talked to our mission. One of the greatest promises in the scriptures is that as we look for Christ and move closer to him he moves closer to us. So, now we just have to find everything in our lives that keeps us from getting closer to him and make a change :)

I love this gospel and I feel blessed to be a missionary at this time.

I love you all!

Elder Beyer

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