Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014 "Crazy Week"

Hey there family!

Oh no! Coach Beyer! Bubba! What happened? Don't worry. . . now you can just work them in the mini bowl. It's true Bubba. . . if you can drive with mom she getting really nervous and yelling because she is so scared you are going to crash. . . then you can drive in any situation :) Hahaha! I forgot about that until now! That is really funny.

I will make sure to thank Sister Clark and Elder Kennard. They are so awesome. :) Thank you so much for getting that ready so fast mom! You are the best :) Brother Shumway is seriously the greatest. :) 

When I left on Thursday Elder Dalton went with another couple of Elders who are serving in the same area as us for a little while and he also spent some time with the office Elders. Yeah, Elder Taua was the old AP. Hey! They sent the photo! Her parents were seriously so awesome. We had some much fun entertaining them for a couple hours while they were waiting to see their kids. The Richarson's actually left me a BYU shirt in the office too! You are going to have to send them an email thanking them for me!


This week was seriously so crazy. It started out by doing numbers Sunday night. We finished numbers around 3:00 and got up around 6:00 to get everything finished up and sent off. Monday we took care of all of the missionaries going home and we drove them all over to the Roney's at night to have dinner and a testimony meeting. Elder Elvidge and I got to cook the chicken on the grill and after we ate we got to go and entertain the families who were coming to pick up their missionaries! It was a blast!

We got home late Monday night and we just stayed at the office elders apartment to avoid having to go all the way back home and losing lots of sleep on the trip over. Tuesday morning we got up bright and early to start preparing for the new missionaries coming in. We had everything prepared for the conference so we headed off to the airport to pick up them all up. We got there about 10:00 and started the wait. After a few hours we got a call from one of the missionaries telling us that they were stuck in the London Airport and wouldn't be coming in until midnight! That completely ruined all of our plans! We had sandwiches in the car already ready for them and our whole day was planned out on them getting in that morning. . . so we quickly headed back to the office to try and plan out what we needed to now do with them coming in so late. 

We have got to finish up so I will try and finish my email later!

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