Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014 "Homemade Jam!"

Hey there fam!

Oh my goodness!! What are you guys doin' letting Bubba get behind the wheel?! I have seen that boy drive a four wheeler and I don't know if I would let him hop behind a car. . . Hahaha! That is so crazy! Bubba is getting so stinkin' old and so stinkin' tall! Too much class! He is looking European! That is awesome about the football games! Nice work everyone! I love that picture with Ty as well, he is such a stud!

Our Zone!!
Perfect! I am glad that you got it off with the right address! That is really reassuring! Haha, yeah we were just finishing up a teaching appointment and he had his phone out sending an email so I asked him if he could send our address to Elder Dalton's mom because he kept forgetting and once we found out it was missing a few words I asked him to send it to you. The funny thing was is he was like I will just call them! That will be way easier, I know that they will love that and I call the U.S. all of the time! He is such an awesome guy! I am glad that dad was able to talk to him! I guess if there was any place to be in missing that call the temple was a good place to choose!

Well, this week went really well!

There were some days that we a little bit longer than others, but as usually it is always incredible how fast time flies by because I swear that just a few hours ago I was in this chair writing last weeks letter. Crazy stuff. 

P├ętanque! It is exactly like Bocce that we play camping!
At the start of the week we were really busy in teaching a lot of lessons. It seemed like we were just going back and forth on the metro. Although, the end of the week wasn't at all the same and it seemed like we were struggling to find people to teach. There was one day where Elder Dalton and myself were like we need to find some new investigators! So, we spent a good part of the day contacting and trying to talk to everyone. . . and finally at the end of the day we found a really cool guy who we will be teaching tomorrow night! We have a few investigators who are doing really well. . . the only sad thing that I think that I told you last week is that one of our strongest investigators is moving into another sector :( So. . . I think we are going to have to pass him to the other missionaries. . . we will see what happens though. 

N...., S...... and J...... are all doing really good! As of right now they are all progressing really well and they should be baptized before this transfer is over!

Sweet view out of the apartment!
We had conference this week that went really, really well and it was so much fun seeing the whole zone. We did 3/4ths of it in English and 1/4 in french because there is a french sister in the zone! That was the first time that I have ever taught a part of conference in french! Crazy stuff!

The other day we were able to do a service project for the neighbor of a member that went really, really well. We cut down thorny vines all day that we hanging on a wall. I pricked myself so many times haha. It was a good one though and at the end of the day we were absolutely exhausted. However, the neighbor was so grateful and we are going to go back again this week and help her out. She is a nice lady with three kids who is about middle aged. At the end of the service project she brought out some jam for us to take home that was seriously so great! It had been Way, Way to long since I had eaten homemade jam!

This week is going to be a crazy one because we have 3 exchanges planned. . . so basically this whole week were are going to be on an exchange. . . I am going to be so tired at the end of this week hahaha.

Life is going great! I am happy and loving Lyon and my companion!

So, you asked about Elder Dalton. He is from Portland like you know. We were in the MTC together. He loves football and basketball, so we are going to go and play pretty soon. He has three brothers and one sister and he is the youngest. He is hilarious and we have been having a blast together!

I love you all so much!

Elder Beyer

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