Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014 "Interesting Week"

Hey there fam!

Wow! I cannot believe that Caden is that old. . . There is no way. . . We have no had that many chop chop timbers since he was born! You might want to bring out that birth certificate just to check and make sure that there have not been any errors made. That is too bad about football. Keep working hard and having fun! Keep kicking butt too! Nice work! Keep sending pictures please!

Haha yeah I heard that Nick and Cambria got it good with the roast. Haha ahhh man that is hilarious! I can't believe that those two are married! If you run into them you are going to have to tell them congrats for me!

Nice work with the singing mom! That is so so awesome!

This was an interesting week. . . 

We had kind of a tough week. Over the last little while we have had a really hard time staying in contact with all of our investigators. We have had a few that have moved and we have had a few that are just not responding. That is something that is really devastating as a missionary. We had about 5 people lined up for baptism and they are dropping off like flies. . . although, we are putting up a pretty good fight and over the next two week we might have a couple of baptisms. We fasted last Sunday again for our investigators. . . so hopefully everything works out this week.

Yes! I got the package! It was amazing! I love all of the treats and I have been wearing the shirt everyday for my workouts! It has been motivating me to work out harder!

Last P-Day was a lot of fun because all of the missionaries in Lyon met up at this huge park that we have in our sector and we played some football and soccer all together. Not to mention right before that we went to one of the only bagel shops in France that was completely full of things imported from the United States! There was everything that you could think of from Lucky Charms to Big League Chew! The only problem was that everything cost an arm and a leg. . . so we weren't able to get much! Haha. The bagels were amazing though! We are probably going to be heading back there pretty soon. . . 

We taught this lady that was really, really awesome this week. She is from Madagascar so we taught with this guy in our ward that just got back from his mission over there! It was awesome because they actually lived in the same city so there was a great connection made. She was one of the nicest older ladies in the world! We are going back to see her this Wednesday so hopefully everything keeps going well!

We had our zone conference this week that went really good. We were able to watch a broadcast from Elder Ballard coming into our mission a week ago. One of my favorite things was that he said our attitude determines a lot of the light that we have as missionaries. If we are negative and we murmur like Laman and Lemuel, then we will not have any light with us and no one is going to want to talk to us. That is one thing that I have gain a huge testimony about on my mission, attitude is key to success in this life. We need to be like Nephi and in all things choose to follow the Lord without giving a second thought. The Lord wants us to show our faith so he gives us opportunities to follow him, but if we complain the whole way than it is as if we never even followed him in the first place. Mom, I really liked that quote you sent because it reiterates the importance of always choosing to be obedient and not asking a ton of questions about why.

We had a General Priesthood meeting this week with all of the wards in Lyon and President Roney was one of the speakers. About 30 minutes into the conference I get a text from President saying, "Elder Beyer, I may ask you to give a 2 minute summary of lesson 1." I text back saying, "No problem at all :)" Then classic President Roney I get a text a few seconds later saying, "And for Elder Dalton the Dead Sea Scrolls." I looked up at him and I about lost it laughing. He is a really funny guy. In the end Elder Taua, one of the Assistants, showed up and I didn't end up doing it though. The best part was that after Elder Taua went President Roney had everyone in the audience write down a referral on a card and pass it to the missionaries. We haven't gotten any referrals this transfer, after that though in total we had about 30 cards with names on in for the stake of Lyon. . . Not too shabby huh?

Well, life is great over here. I know that this is truly the work of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I love and miss you all!

Elder Beyer

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