Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014 "Crazy Week"


Oh my goodness!! Everyone looks so big and so grown up! It is literally crazy seeing our family, the frosts, and the argyles all looking so old! (I mean the kids of course ;) ) You all look so amazing and it seems like you are having the time of your lives so keep it up! Hey Bubba and Caden! Start spending some time with your parents!

Caden! Keep tearing it up in lacrosse! That is seriously incredible! I don't think that I could even score a single goal if there was no goalie in front of the net.

As for the conference, it was amazing! I love being able to help set up and be a part of that process because it is a lot of fun, it does get kinda crazy at times setting everything up while doing missionary work at the same time, but I love it.

Okay, so we had a crazy week and we have a crazy week planned so I will try and fill you in real quick. . .

We had a sweet miracle on the bus the other day. . .

So, it was the end of the night and we were exhausted. We had been working and contacting all day and we hadn't really found anyone that would listen to us say more than five words. We were kinda bummed out, but we said to ourselves that we would finish out the night strong. I was like, we are going to make our contact work right now haha. So I turn to this lady and her daughter and start talking to them. It turns out they are Muslim and after a long chat they were interested in learning some more. So we got there number and set up a teaching appointment. . . So yesterday we went over for our appointment and after talking and introducing our families with our photos we started the lesson. Through the daughter as a translator the mother explained to us that she believes that Jesus Christ is her Savior and that he died for our sins, she said that she used to carry around a bible with her but she would put a different cover on it so that she wouldn't get killed for having it. And we thought that we had it hard. . . Haha. So anyways we had the most spiritual RDV ever and at the end she said that the only thing that she doesn't agree with in the Christian Religions is that they believe Jesus and God are the same person. . . Thank goodness for the restoration. They were super excited to hear our message and we are going back to teach them again next Sunday. They were so excited when we found the Book of Mormon in Arabic online and they said they couldn't wait to start reading. When we were finishing up the lesson they said, you can't leave! We made food for you because we thought that you would be hungry! So we ate some amazing couscous type dish with them and some hummus! Pretty cool miracle right?

Our investigator Carine showed up for church as well! It was amazing seeing her there and she loved it. Not only that but she is progressing really well right now and we re fixed her date for the 26 of April. That is next transfer so hopefully I stay here in Bordeaux.

This week Carine invited us over to her house to have some food from her hometown in Gabbon, Africa. So we went over there and she made us some really good chicken, rice and some kind of hotish plant smashed up. I can only explain it too look a lot like seaweed, but it was a lot harder. . . It was really good though and it was a blast with her and one of the members that she invited to come as well. We are teaching her a lot right now so hopefully it keeps up and she will be ready before the 26!

I was looking through my notes that I have taken since I have been on my mission the other day and I looked to the very first conference where President Roney said the most important thing that you can do on your mission is develop more love and learn to trust the Lord. I think I am finally starting to understand that a little bit more. I have noticed that when we do everything out of Love not only are our missions a much happier experience, but we see so much more success and people wanting to hear more about our message. Trust in the Lord is what pushes us to follow the Savior especially when our mental logic says differently.

Well today we have a great day planned out!

We are going to a castle with our ward mission leader and the other missionaries here in Bordeaux! It is going to be sweet!

Elder Beyer

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