Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014 "Loved Conference"

Hey fammmmm!

What in the world is going on over there in K-Town?! I am not sure who is looking more gangster, Bubba with that Kings hat on or Caden with his hair haha. I am sure that Brock is keeping them in line though so there is no need to worry :) Okay about Sister Hulme, yeah I see her all of the time, the ward that she is serving meets in the same building as my ward, so I see her every Sunday for sure and usually multiple times throughout the week. 

As for conference. . . Was it not the best ever? I felt like I could not write down notes fast enough. I was laughing with my companion because I remembered a few times when you (mom) gave us notebooks and told us to take notes and we complained and complained and said no, and now when conference comes on I feel like my hand is on fire I am writing down so much! I did love the talk about Gratitude as well. One of my favorite ones was the one by President Monson, I also liked the one by Elder Holland, because they both talked about Charity and how important Love is in the gospel. That is what my mission president focuses on as well so those have become some of my favorite topics to listen to. One thing that Elder Holland said that Christlike love is our greatest need on this planet. All of the talks were great though, I really liked the one on obedience as well given by Elder Hales. 

Sadly though, we were not able to watch all of the sessions. We watched them all except Sunday afternoon, with the time change the conference started at 8 for us over here so none of the missionaries had time to watch the conference and get back home. We are going to try and finish it today or next P-Day depending on if we can find any time.

This week was a fun one though. We had our district meeting in Bordeaux, and then we headed up to Limoges to hear Elder Crawley's district meeting! It was such a blast and he did such a great job. After that we got to do an exchange with Elder Crawley and his companion and I let my companion go with Elder Crawley because he was the one that trained him in the mission so he was really excited to be able to do an exchange with him to see how much he had grown.

Our investigator Carine is still doing really good. We are seeing her about 3 to 4 times a week now and she is still set on the 26 of April to be baptized. Fingers crossed! This week there are a bunch of baptisms in Bordeaux  so we are hoping that we will be able to get here to one and that will really get her excited to be baptized herself. Speaking of that, this week I am doing a baptismal interview for someone! First one ever! I am super excited.

We didn't have too much crazy stuff going on this week apart from taking a lot of trains and doing a service project for a member and his non member friend. We helped her move and had a blast. After we finished we didn't have time to stop and eat and we hadn't eaten all day so the member dropped us off so that we would be in on time, ran back to McDonald's to buy us some food, and then dropped us off a huge sac of french fries and hamburgers! It was pretty sweet! We don't eat very often with the members over here in Bordeaux, so it was pretty awesome. 

The castle last week was sweet too! We got to go out with like 12 missionaries and took a guided tour! This week we are trying to go down by the river and play some basketball like the locals, I have been told Americans are really good at basketball, so. . . wish me luck because I am terrible haha.

We need to be playin' some baseball or somethin'. . .

Well family I love you so dearly! Have a wonderful week!
Groses bises!
Elder Beyer

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