Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 "Zone Conference"

Hey fam!!

You are all looking so good! That is awesome that you were able to see KG! You are going to have to tell him congratulations for me on making the team! As always he is looking gigantic so I can tell they have been feeding him nothing but protein up there haha. Caden is looking good as well. . . but I can't tell if he is on the right or the left. . . :) Hahaha.

Brock is looking good on the vespa and that is the funniest story ever :) Just wait till he gets on it and he will probably change his mind again.

Yeah, last week was a blast, but I think it is going to be nice taking it easy today.

Seeings how you are probably wondering, I am emailing you a day late because we had conference yesterday. Oh my goodness, it was seriously the best conference that I have ever been to in my entire life. We were blessed to hear from President and Sister Roney and two of their neighbors, Elder Lund (A member of the 70) and Sister Lund, they both know Gordon Brown really well. Our conference went all day long and I think that was the most spiritually mind blown that I have ever been in my whole life.

I will just recap a few of my favorite things that I learned. . .

Elder Lund told us a few stories about President Roney when he was first getting started as the head of Nu Skin. Elder Lund was working as a lawyer at the time and President Roney offered him a job. He took it immediately because he didn't really enjoy what he was doing currently. He said he knew it was the right job when the third week of work President Roney told him, "Make sure you wear a suit tomorrow. . . because tomorrow we are going to be taking our wives to the temple."

He told another story about President Roney. He said that they would be meeting with the heads of companies from all over the world, big senators and city council men, and very important people. He said that midway through the meeting President Roney would give him the one minute finger and hold up his phone. . . He said as soon as President Roney left the room he was never going to be coming back haha. He said that every time he gave this sign he was leaving to one of his kids baseball games or some kind of event of that sort. He said that it set the tone for Nu Skin that if the family is this important to the head of the company than it should be the same for the rest of them. So, President Roney made sure that everyone in his company was spending time with their families.

He told us the coolest stories about how President Roney always put the gospel first, and according to President Roney he swears that that is the reason for his success.

President Roney expanded on the Savior's life by explaining stories from his life and the importance of learning to trust the savior on your mission. The stories that he shared were amazing and I can't wait to someday share the incredible things that I have been learning out here on my mission.

Okay. . .

As for this last week.

It was pretty nuts preparing for conference. We had to purchase all of the food and prepare everything so that it was ready, but in the end we pulled it off and it was an amazing conference.

Our investigator Carine is doing really good right now. She is still progressing fairly well and this week we taught her about the word of wisdom. Hopefully all goes well this week and we can re fix her baptismal date.

Most of the people we are teaching right now are college students and they are all super cool. We spend a lot of time around the institute which is right next to a big college, so we meet a lot of students through out the day.

The night before conference we had about 10 missionaries stay in our apartment and quite a few were kids that I came into the MTC with so it was a blast being able to see them and to talk about all the crazy things that have happened so far.


I love being a missionary for Jesus Christ. It is the greatest blessing in the world. This conference really helped me out to see how amazing missions are and how much I truly love being out here. Thanks for all of your support and have an amazing week.

With all the love in the world,
Elder Beyer

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