Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Monday, July 1, 2013 "Mont-de-Marsan"

Hey Family!!!!

You all sound so amazing and I was loving all of the pictures! Ha ha it looks like you are having so much fun! Family reunion at Brad's?! No fair! Did you go white water rafting? I bet it seemed really different going to the reunion missing half of our family. Hopefully dad's work load starts to get a little bit easier over the next few weeks, he needs to hire up some new employees! Or get Caden to stop taking vacations! By the way that picture of the corn rows is really funny, he definitely needs to keep those in for a couple of months :) And Bubba, what are you talking about?! That is the best bike ever! You can cruise so much faster than everyone on that thing! Haha, I love riding that bike. I hope you had fun on your bike ride though, it sounds like a long fun one. 
I am so glad that you got my little package and hopefully you liked everything in it! You will have to let me know what you thought. (By the way everything is on sale here right now so if I find a good cheap coat I think I am going to buy it!)

Okay, so I am doing really good right now! This week was a really long one and it had it's ups and downs, but for the most part it was really good. I think that my favorite part of this new little town is how beautiful the city is and how awesome our apartment is, we seriously have the best apartment in the mission. We have an awesome little balcony that I sit out on every single night and just write a little bit in my journal, read my scriptures, drink some kool-aid jammers, eat some pistachios, and just enjoy the amazing french evenings. Although it is killer hot during the day, the nights here are absolutely perfect. After a long hard days work of walking around in the hot sun and talking to people I am so lucky to sit on that balcony and just relax. It's not too bad. (Not to mention it is keeping me sane :))
Our apartment overlooks this little tiny forest and we are on the second floor of the building. At night a lot of the time I can hear people playing their guitars in the neighborhood while I watch the sun setting through the trees. I love it :)

This town is really beautiful too. I think it is even prettier than Perigueux, and that place was amazing. This place is a little bit different though, because literally everyone that is here is retired. Mont-de-Marsan is where everyone comes when they are done working and now they just want to relax. So, this is a really relaxed town with not a ton going on, but I really like it! With that being said next week there is a huge party here and we might have to leave and go to another city for a few days because the party is all day for I think four days and it is really bad for the missionaries to be out when the party is going on. People are coming in from all over the place for this party though.

So you asked about the branch, man is it tiny. We have about 10-15 members every week if we have a good week, but during the summer everyone leaves, so we are estimating about 5-8 people there every Sunday in July. Haha, it is really small. But the members are so amazing here. I already love them so much. They are all so happy and loving and seriously make you feel like you are a part of their family. That is one think that I really love about the small branches, it is just like a little family. I am really excited to be working with all of them over the next little while and to get to know them.

The french is still really difficult, but I feel like it is starting to get a little bit better. This week we are going to try and go a whole week with only speaking french, so wish me luck! Ha ha I am going to need it. I hope that after this speaking will come a lot easier and my understanding will increase. My comp speaks really well so I think he will help me out a lot this transfer.

I love that scripture and I actually just read that story last night! There is a quote that I really like that says you have to go through the wilderness to get to the promised land!

Well family, I love you all so so much and miss you like crazy! The Church is true! I love telling people that everyday especially when they call me crazy :)

Elder Beyer

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