Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013 "I was transfered"

Hello family!!!

That little get away sounds absolutely amazing! What a good idea. I bet dad has been crazy busy this summer, I wish that I could be there to help out, but I guess Blair can fill my spot for the instant. Okay so first off, real quick I am going to tell you the story of being at the train station. . . So, it was the day of our Zone Conference and there were about twenty plus missionaries. After our conference we all were at the train station waiting for our trains. One of the missionaries is literally the best piano player in Belgium and all of us missionaries sat around and sang french hymns while people were all around us watching. It was awesome because we touched more people by the spirit just by singing than we could if we were all frantically running around trying to contact people. Every once in a while I would branch off and talk to someone and they loved what we were doing and we so excited to talk to us. That was an awesome experience that I will never forget!

So. . . Now for the big news! I am no longer in Perigueux! I am now in Mont-de-Marsan! It is so crazy how one day you can be living in one city and the next you pack up your bags to move to a totally different city with a totally different companion. Also, I am not longer with Elder Asay. I already miss him to, Elder Asay was awesome and will be a good friend of mine for life. 
So, I am not too far from my old city! Just a few hours away by train. My new companions name is Elder Robles and he is from Utah. He seems like a really nice kid and I think we are going to have a lot of fun this transfer!

My new city, believe it or not, is actually smaller than Perigueux! Can you believe that?! Hahaha this place is so small! Missionaries have only been in here for about 3 months as well so the missionary work is really just getting started in here. From what I have been told we have about 15 members in our branch and most of them are retired, I am really excited to meet them on Sunday!

Saying by to Perigueux was kind of hard because I had grown so attached to those members and I am really going to miss them. They were all sad that I was leaving and said some really really nice things before I left. Hopefully someday I will be able to go back and visit them!

Okay, so I thought I would quickly tell you about my moving process to this little town. I packed up my bags and because of all of the books I have to study and all of my clothes they were incredibly heavy. We almost missed our train so I had to run with two giant suitcases that almost tore my arms off to catch it. We got to Bordeaux and I met my new companion and then I got on another train that we had to run to catch. After that is was running from bus to bus and then walking down a cobble stone path to get to our apartment. Along the way my big suitcase got hammered by the cobblestone and its wheel broke. . . so I had to drag it. It was quite the experience and man am I glad I don't have to do that again for awhile haha. 

Our new apartment is really big and nice because it used to belong to a senior couple!

Well, I want you to know that all is good and that I love you all so much! These next few months are going to be the hardest ones of my life. . . but I am going to learn a lot!

Elder C. Beyer

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