Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013 "Go to work"

Hey family!!

I am doing so very well thank you! Haha it sounds like you had an amazing river rafting trip! Geezz Bubba what are you doing falling out of the raft? I remember being up there with Brad and jumping off of those cliffs, that was a blast. I am glad that dad was able to get a few days off and that you had a good fourth of July together! My fourth of July was about the same as every other day, but we did have a zone training meeting that was pretty good. Speaking of that training meeting it is funny that you would mention Elder Phelps because I actually met him at that meeting and we are in the same zone, haha so next time I will have to bring that connection up to his attention.
All in all everyone sounds like they are doing really well. I can't believe that football is already starting up for those little guys, and Caden is going to have a blast on trek, I wish that I would have been able to go to that.

So, this week was good, and really really long! Everyday seems like twenty days combined haha. We spend all of our time walking around and contacting or going door to door and talking to people. Some how we need to start getting some lessons so that we can be inside of an air conditioned home or I am going to die of heat exhaustion. . . That will be our reward when we can find someone to teach. For the moment there are still no investigators in this town and we are having a tough time finding anyone who wants to listen, but I am sure that this week we will find someone! We haven't had a lesson the entire time we have been here, but hey from all of this walking and sweating I am going to be in killer shape.

Although, we did finally get to do some service this week! It was awesome! I was so happy to finally get out and do some yard work. We have this Tongan family in our ward and the husband is on the rugby team, there family is so nice and loving and seriously as soon as I saw their name on the less actives list I called them right up. They were really excited to hear from us and said that they would love it if we could come and do service for them while he is training full time for the season. So, we got to help them out and work out in the yard for a few hours! It was so awesome, not to mention it really broke up our daily routine of contacting so it was amazing. . . After we had finished up they took us home, we showered and changed, we went out contacting for three hours and then it was back to their house for a BBQ. Ahhh it was so good! It was a real authentic Tongan BBQ with a ton of really good meat. It really made me feel at home and was a fun fourth of July tradition that needed to happen.

I have been having a really hard time out here and this week I read Gordon B. Hinckley talk where he talks about when he was on his mission and he wrote is dad and said, "I am just wasting my time and your money while I am out here." I feel like that a lot. But, as I continued to read I read the same passage that I have heard in the past. His father responded and said, "Gordon, I have your letter. I just have one thing to say, Forget yourself and go to work."
Bull fighting arena!

So, that is what I need to do!

I love you all so so much! Keep being the amazing family that you are!

Elder C. Beyer

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