Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014 "2 days in Corsica"


Bubba what are you doing trying to break your foot?! You shouldn't be letting those big guys roll on your feet! That is so great with Caden though. Nice work big guy! Keep working hard and enjoying every second of it. Mom! That birthday sounds so amazing. I would have loved to have had the same thing for mine! Dad, you didn't spoil me like that last March! ;) I am glad to hear that you had such a great time though. I started laughing so hard when I read about your experience golfing with Brock. . . He has matured so much. . . before he never would have come back hahahahaha. I love it. I can't wait to get back and play some sports with him to see for myself. :)

This week was as usual a pretty crazy one and man did it go by quick.

Monday we worked so that we could move our P-Day to Wednesday and do something fun with the Elders in Corsica. Later that night we headed out to Aix-en-Provence to do an exchange with the Elders over there. By the way, most of the time when we are traveling it is to do exchanges, not really to speak at conferences. So, we did an exchange with them Tuesday that went really good. I was with Elder Palmer. That night we actually headed down to Toulon to take a ferry to Corsica. You would not have believed the boat that we took. It was this giant cruise ship looking thing. Not only that, but the inside of it looked exactly like a cruise ship! Minus a lot of the fun things. . . but there were a lot of similarities. Before the boat took of we headed up to the top deck so that we could get an awesome view of the coast while we we floating away. . . it was pretty sweet :) It was really dark so we couldn't see much, but it was still a really cool experience.

We slept the whole boat ride over that night and we got to Bastia in Corsica around 8:00 that morning. We then hopped in the car and headed on over to meet Elder Pedersen and Elder Castillo. Elder Pedersen planned out a sweet day for all of us so we hopped in the cars and started heading up into the mountains. In a small city we met up with Elder Powell, Elder Smart and Elder Andersen and then drove a little bit further to our destination. Corsica reminded me a lot of Utah to tell you the truth. The area that we were at looked a lot like the mountains back home. For the next few hours we went on an amazing hike up the side of a rocky mountain until we arrived at a seriously breath taking little lake. We stopped and ate lunch there. It was such a pretty place. After sitting there for a little bit we headed back down and this is where it got interesting. . . 

We were making our way down and at about the halfway mark Elder Elvidge slipped and fell and completely sliced his hand open. He walked over to us to show us the blood running down. We then quickly made our way down, so that we could shoot on over to a hospital to get his hand stitched up. As you can imagine, Corsica was not the most ideal place for that. Finally we found a hospital in a nearby little town. To keep it short this hospital was tiny, when they finally realized we were there they took us to a small room, the doctor might have been intoxicated and was wearing jeans and a tee shirt (normal for France though), and then they stitched him on up haha. . . that is definitely an experience that we are never going to forget. The whole time the doctor just joked around about how much he hated people from England. Crazy experience. However, the nurse was really nice and after joking around with her about how that doctor scares away all of the children and how we chose a bad day to stop by she gave us some free bandages for his hands. When we went to pay after everything was all finished up the nurse said that everything was all closed up, and because we were leaving that night across the Island she didn't charge us anything haha!

That night we drove to Ajaccio! The next day we had an awesome exchange and I got to work with Elder Powell again and Elder Smart. It was a blast. We taught four lessons!

That night we took the boat back again and found ourselves in Toulon again the next day.

The weekend went really quick, but we were able to do a lot of missionary work in our sector which was wonderful.

I really like that quote that you sent mom. One of my favorite quotes in PMG is that more important than speaking is listening. Now, this concerns teaching lessons, but the principle is the same. In life we have so many instances where we forget to listen. We are so busy that we forget to take a little bit of time, relax, and listen to what our Heavenly Father wants us to do. 

I know that when we take time in our lives to kneel down and try and figure out what our Heavenly Father wants us to do that we are truly blessed. Our lives change by listening instead of speaking.

I know that this church is true. I know that Christ lives and that He loves us.

Have an amazing week!  Love,
Elder Beyer

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