Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014 "This week was interesting"

Hi ya family!

This week was such a great one and I can't wait to tell you about it! I loved hearing about your weeks and just so you don't feel alone. . . It rained everyday here as well haha. Gotta love the weather. I honestly was so excited when you told me about Cody's mission call! I am soooooo stoked for him! Send my love his way and tell him I have met tons of member here who have served there and I have heard nothing but good things about that mission. Hey I am loving with the idea about the yoga! We actually had a member today that invited us to go to yoga with him as well and teach his friends after. . . so, we might be doing some yoga as well :) Hahaha, I am with you mom! I think it is going to work!

Okay, so this week was interesting.

Lyon was awesome as always and to answer your question real quick, no we don't get to talk to him at all :( He is too busy. . . Sometimes we don't even get to interview with him on interview tours because he is so busy. . . 

Anyways, we left church on Sunday with our investigator telling us that she didn't want to be baptized this Saturday. She said that she didn't feel ready at all and that she didn't think that she knew nearly enough. We were pretty sad, but we kept moving along. When we got back from Lyon (PS. . . we had to take two early morning flights where we had to get up at 4:00 and no, we don't get to make that sleep up) we immediately called C.... our investigator. She said she wanted to meet up and that she had a surprise to tell us.

We weren't quite sure what the surprise was going to be, she has given us a few shirts with Joseph Smith's face on them so we thought that they would be something like that. . . so we walk into the church and she is there and she holds up her finger and says. . . I am getting married! We start freaking out and we are like, but you weren't even dating anyone! Then she says, just kidding! So at that point we were like, that was a lame surprise. . . 
We then started the lesson and after the prayer Elder Taylor says, Okay C...., you know that we are having this RDV so that we can re fix your baptismal date and make a calendar so that you can be ready for your date. . . She then looks only at Elder Taylor and says, I need to talk to you and you only, with slightly watered eyes. . . There I am right next to him freaking out, in my head I am thinking, oh no. . . she is going to drop us and she is too scared to tell me because I had been teaching her for so long. She finally convinces Elder Taylor, who is equally as scared, to go into the corner of the room with her so that she can talk with him alone. I am sitting there still with our member freaking out in my head. . . Then then come back and sit down. Elder Taylor says, C....

would no longer like to talk about her baptismal date and a calendar, and before we start she wanted to tell Elder Beyer that she wants to be baptized!! And she wants him to do the baptism!! 

At that point I went from being so scared to the happiest I have been on my mission. My jaw dropped and I didn't even know what to say haha. So, we decided to move the date back one week to be sure that she is ready and knows everything and this Saturday at 4:00 we are going to be holding her baptism! I am so excited and I will let you know how it goes!

We have had a few lessons with her since then and all is going really good.

We had another cool experience the other day where we were working the whole day with no success at all. . . It was getting close to the end of the night and it was freezing so we were ready to go back in haha. . . We were knocking one of the last doors and this cute little boy with bright blonde hair answers the door wearing an ironman gadget on his hand. We ask if we can see his parents and he runs and gets his mom. She then comes to the door and it turns out that it is just those two in their little family and they were so cool! I said to her that she was lucky to have ironman to protect the house then and that got a good laugh. Anyways, we got to teach them about eternal families and testified to them and at the end they told us that we could pass by and see them sometime. . . So we are going to go and teach them this week :)

Well I am loving my new companion right now. We are having so much fun together. I think this transfer is going to go by a little bit too fast though haha.

I can't wait to talk to you and see your beautiful smiling faces in two weeks! Yeah, it will probably been in the morning for you. I think we will try and do it around 5 here if we can. I will let you know next week for sure.

Also, could you please send me a bunch of photos of the family, us doing things together, sports, etc. . . so that I can show people that we meet. Find some awesome ones like the ones that you email me! Thanks!

I got a letter that the package arrived and I can go pick it up tomorrow!

Love you lots,
Elder Beyer

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