Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014 "Life is so good"

Hey wonderful family!

Ahhhh I have three brothers again!! For a little while there I wasn't quite sure. . . Haha jk! But seriously, I am lovin' the new hair style Caden! It is lookin' really, really good. Hey now, don't let Brock start growing one of those moustaches again. . . That is awesome that he is working so hard though. Is he still planning on studying Psychology? As usually, Bubba looks like he is living the life.

Hahaha dad! I knew that you wouldn't be able to hide your excitement about Caden's new hair style haha. 

Hey they can have the Hot Beyer Title, I never felt like I deserved it anyways.

That is crazy about B. I am so sad to hear that. You are going to have to go and give her a huge hug for me and tell her hi :)

Okay. . .

So the crazy of all crazies has happened.

Elder Strom is leaving, going to Corsica. . . I am staying, but guess who I am getting.

Elder Taylor! Nuts huh? He is the Welling's neighbor and one of Kenzie Beyer's really good friends! Right now I am just waiting for him to come in, but I am so stoked, we are going to have so much fun together. We have been joking around for the past couple of transfers that we were going to be serving together.

This last week was a great one though. We were able to teach a lot of investigators and we had some really good RDVs with Carine. She is still doing really well, but she was so sad that Elder Strom is leaving. Right now we are just trying to get her out to all of the institute activities so that she can meet all of the cool youth in our area. She is super, super cool. Right now she is making us t-shirts with Joseph Smith's face on them and she is making us ties with spikes on them. . . I will be sure to send home photos when I have them.

At church this week we had 3 investigators! It was so awesome because it has been months since we have had that many investigators there. . . with all of the missionaries combined haha.

Life is so good right now though. I am happy as can be and it is starting to be absolutely amazing outside. The sun has been shining which makes people a lot happier so that has been pretty awesome.

Oh, this week we went to our sweet African investigators house, she is from Ghana and she is in charge of a church here in Bordeaux. Anyways we had a quick lesson with her that went really good and she told us that if she likes the Book of Mormon she will share it with her little congregation of 11 people. . . So we are going to convert all of them :) Right after the RDV she made us an amazing African dish so we were really lucky to be able to eat some good food.

Also, we had our neighbors invite us over for dinner two nights ago. They are seriously so cool. They are a french family of four and they are super Catholic. The coolest part is that the mother actually lived in Utah with a Mormon family for 3 months and went on trek with them!! Crazy or what?! I haven't even been on trek ha ha! Anyways they are super amazing and we love them. . . and they love us :)

Well my dearest family, I love you all so very much!

Remember, in the words of Elder Holland,

"Christlike love is the greatest need on this planet."

Je vous embrosse!
Elder Beyer

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