Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014 "Flying to Lyon"


Hey there most wonderful family! It is so good to hear from you! That is awesome that Caden got the job! Make sure that he is watching everyone swimming. . . not just the pretty girls :) As for being with Elder Taylor it is so much fun. I am loving every second of it. He is seriously just like Josh Gee and has been cracking me up as soon as we got together. Yeah, he was a zone leader over in Lyon before we got together. Crazy about Elder Strom though huh? Haha. . . Yeah, he is one of five missionaries out there. I really want to go out there and serve there eventually in my mission. That is where they send missionaries when they no longer want to be in contact with them. . . haha jk!

Geezzz Bubba! What are you doing waking up early and finding your basket before picture time?

Okay, so this week was a great one.

We started out with a really cool RDV with that Muslim Family that I told you about the other day. They gave us a call and they were like, "Hey, can you meet us in the city around three?" We were like yeah for sure. So we went out and it turns out that they wanted to take us out to lunch! So sure enough they took us out to eat at a really good pizza parlor and we had a nice meal on a really nice day. After we finished eating we went and took a seat in the nearby park because they said that they had some questions about the Book of Mormon! So the RDV went awesome because the mom read half of the book in one week!!! Amazing huh?! She had a lot of really good questions and she explained to us that she knew it was true as soon as she started reading because it has a message of love.

Next up we had a few meetings with C. Everything is going really good right now, but the sad thing is that she is not going to be ready for her baptismal date :( We were pretty sad because it was going to be this week. . . That is okay, she said that she does want to be baptized and she is understanding really well right now, the only thing is that she said she doesn't feel ready yet. . . so we are going to re fix the date this Wednesday.

Right now we are actually in Lyon just so you know! We headed out for Leadership Council, we had to take a really early flight out so we have been here all morning and we are going to be here for a couple more days. We are going to hit up the city and maybe go and play some sports with the Elders that are here. We will see. The cool thing about our flight over was that they guy that was sitting next to us was actually a professional soccer player at Bordeaux! We got to talking with him and he was the coolest guy ever! He had a little beautiful family and as we got talking. . . he explained that his father just joined our church in Spain!! Crazy huh?! Anyways he was such a cool guy and we got his number, but one of the coolest parts is that in three weeks they are playing the biggest game of the year and he said he would get us tickets if we want them. . . Is that sweet or sweet??! So, all we need is the okay from President :)

Easter was great though, you are not going to believe it mom! I gave a talk to! Hahaha. I am sure your talk was way better though if it was about Grandpa Gene! You should send me your talk :)

After church the Tate family, from the states, invited us over for dinner so we had a good old fashioned Easter dinner after church. Not to mention they spoiled us with french pastries!

Well family!

I love you so dearly! Have a wonderful week! 

Elder Beyer

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