Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday, May 5, 2014 "This week flew"

My dearest family!

I am diggin' the photos of Bubba playin' ball. He seriously looks like such a stud out there. Keep those photos coming and make sure that you are filming some of his games. . . Caden's included. . . So that I can watch them when I get home!

Hahaha that story about Kim is so funny. I bet she was such a great sport about it. Andrew and Steve are seriously so funny. When I offered the prayer at their house, that was a funny night. Stephen, being the oldest man there was put in charge to call on someone and he said Carsen, would you like to say it? I was like yeah no problem. Kim was like, you can't pick on the guests! Pick someone else! Stephen then responded and said, no I am choosing Carsen. That just kept going on and on and then Stephen said, "Mom, I am sure that Carsen is completely capable of offering a prayer" and then we all started laughing, and Kim looks at me with an apologetically look, and I said it. It was really funny. Tell Stephen that I will say them in french for him in a little while! Also. . . That it goes without question that he is coming on Sunday. . .(Call at Mother's Day)

As for the baptism. . .

C.... was Baptized!! It was seriously one of my favorite experiences on my mission  I will tell you all about it when I talk to you this Sunday, but it was pretty sweet.

This week we have interviews with President after conference that went really well. Conference was awesome and then during my interview I was able to talk to him about goal setting and planning out you life. . . and accomplishing the things that you plan out. . . I will tell you more about the interview this Sunday because he said some really nice things.

So this last week for us was absolutely crazy. After we got done with our conference it was chaos because the members that were making a meal for another zone completely bailed so Elder Taylor and I offered to help out. We went the day of the baptism and made food for the other conference and then afterwards cleaned up the huge mess. It took us so much time that we were there all up until the baptism at night.
The baptism was such a success though. C..... was really excited and she even showed up a little early for her baptism. We all changed up into white and she was able to meet Sister Roney and all of the other missionaries there which was pretty exciting. She was really nervous, but all went great. Elder Taylor and I both gave talks and then I baptized her, and then we went back in and I was able to play that Hie to Kolob rendition that I played at Brock's homecoming that she really, really liked. So all went well.

This week flew by though! I honestly cannot believe how fast it went by. One minute we started the week and the next it was over. I am having so much fun right now and I am loving being with Elder Taylor. He is an incredible missionary and he always keeps me laughing. I really, really hope that we get to stay a couple of transfers together. . . But we will see. . .

For the photos that you are going to send yeah 30 would be perfect. Make sure there are some copies or something like that just in case they get lost in the mail. . . I don't know if you can make copies though. . . 

By the way, that package that you sent me was seriously amazing. Everything inside was top notch! Elder Taylor and I have been loving eating the candy when we are walking around. 

Well my dearest family, I love you all so very much and I am so excited to be able to talk to you so soon! Yes, I will probably only have one hour so like you said, come prepared. . . Also, we are going to be calling around 5:00 our time! So be ready. I hope that doesn't interfere with church. If it does I am sorry. . . We might call a little earlier or a little later and I am not sure if the family that we are Skypeing with has two computers or not. . . So I will try and send you and email next Saturday or Sunday if possible to clear out some details, but I am not positive if that will be possible.

Bises à vous tous!
Elder Beyer

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