Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014 "Missionary Day"

Hello there beautiful family!

Dad no need to worry the years haven't been hard and you, you still look like a teenager. . . although if the stories that mom tells me are true then it sounds like you are getting a little tired, so you need to cut out of that quick before Brock gets home. . . you can't let him think that he is stronger than you. That is awesome that you were able to have such a relaxing birthday, I think that sometimes we forget to just relax every once in a while when in reality that is exactly what we need. Oh my goodness, that countdown just made it that much more real haha. I love it though. My companion was loving the Canadian flag as well :) Brock is still looking very happy and from his letters it sounds like he is finishing out strong. Don't worry, before too long he will be there so that Caden can punch him so that he can get out the frustration before he goes to lacrosse.

Wow, today was a really nice week. Man did it fly by. We had a few cool things happen this week. One of my favorite things that we did was that we had a missionary day for all of the youth in our ward. We had about 16 youth show up and we had about 10 missionaries there. We spent the morning doing studies and role playing how we were going to talk to people during the day and then at 11 we hit the Streets. It was a lot of funny seeing the little kids go an contact people. There was a 12 year old kid that acted like Bubba and was super shy, ahh he was the funniest little kid ever. At around 12 we headed back to the Church and Grabbed a bite to eat and then it was back out for finding some people. We actually lucked out because we were able to have a RDV during lunch and it went so good! We committed our investigator to baptism!! Her date is the 22 of March, and although she doesn't think that she is going to be ready she fixed the date with a hole lot of faith behind her decision. After that we went out and we tried to find a less active. After searching for what felt like forever we found his building, but he had moved :( To add to that it started to pour! My companion and I had umbrellas, but the two little guys we were with didn't have any. . . so we gave them up. Yeah I know what you are thinking, you would have thought that being me I would have kept it. . . But, I figured it was going to grant us some miracles in the future. Finally when we got back to the Church we were soaking wet. It was a lot of fun because all of the leaders were joking about how they were able to experience a real day of missionary work. The thing that was cool though was that the kids we were with had huge smiles on their faces the whole time and on the way back we were singing there is sunshine in my soul while we were getting soaked. As we finish up every day of missionary work we had a baptism. . . Okay, maybe every day is not like that, but the sister missionaries in our ward had a baptism!! It was awesome because I was finally able to see some of the fruits of all of the work that we do! I was laughing because that was actually the first baptism that I have seen on my mission. The next day I was able to take part in giving the gift of the holy ghost and that was really cool. Well, the whole day was a great success and in the end all of the youth were very excited to serve missions.

The ping pong day was so much fun last week. It was one of the few days that it was really nice outside, so we actually took the ping pong table outside and played. The game was that you have to let the ping pong ball hit the ground once before you can hit it. We had a lot of fun joking around and hanging out with the other missionaries. Like I had mentioned last week, my companion and I had decided to go out to this huge sand dune this week. . . and well, that is where I am writing you from! I am in a little cybercafe in a city called Arcachon. . . In about thirty minutes we are going to be hoping on a bus that is going to take us to this world re noun sand dune called the Dune du Pilat! People come from all over the world to see this attraction so we figured just in case of one of us getting transferred this week we need to enjoy our last p-day together. . . We are right next to the ocean and thank goodness that we lucked out with the weather today. It seriously has rained almost every single day since we have gotten to Bordeaux, but today it is so beautiful and the skies could not be more blue. . . There is a slight breeze, but it kinda feels nice so that is okay.

The other day I was walking on the street and I remembered something that Brock had told me, he said to contact one person every single day that you would not normally contact. So we are just walking by and I see this huge guy covered in tattoos with long hair storming by on the street. . . I am just thinking in my head ohhhh no, he is going to turn me down SO bad and he is probably not going to have anything nice to day, but then I figured oh well, might as well give it a shot. So I stopped him, he was in a hurry so I asked if we could walk with him. . . We started to get to know him and took the Lucky guess and said, you look like you are from Tahiti! Sure enough, that was his home country. . . So long story short we followed him to his tattoo parlor, where he was working and set up a time that we could return. . . He then invited us to eat with him on Sunday! So we went this Sunday and had an amazing Tahitian meal with this really cool guy and in talking with him it turned out that on his dad's side of the family they are all Mormon! Cool huh?! We invited him to come to Church and he said he was too busy right now, but he said we could come back anytime that we want. . . so we are going to be passing by and seeing him soon.

Well my most amazing family, I hope that you have the most amazing week ever!

I read something cool about the Sons of Mosiah the other day where they were really discouraged because they were having no success and all of the Laminates were persecuting them and right as they were getting ready to give up and angel appears and comforts them. . . Through the angel the Lord declares that if they support their afflictions with patience, and if they show a good example (very interesting) to their brethren that they would bring many souls unto repentance. . . So, sometimes if we are patient and endure our trials showing others through our example how the Lord would want us to act that is how we can bring others the closest unto Christ.

Elder Beyer

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