Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday, February 17, 2014 "Year Mark!!"

Chére Famille!! Je vous aime tous!!
How in the world is everyone doing? Can you believe how old we are getting?? Brock is turning into an old man, dad is turning into a. . . slightly older man :) And everyone looks like they have grown up so much in the pictures! Can you believe that I am hitting my year mark. It was crazy because the other day I saw a lot of members from Perigueux and they were commenting on how much older I look and how fast the time goes by. I honest remember it like it was yesterday when you were dropping me off at the MTC haha, crazy.
You all sound so great and I hope that dad has the most amazing birthday this week!
Thanks for the package coming! I think that I am going to be here in Bordeaux as well.
this week wasn't too crazy, but it was still a lot of fun. I spent all of my time in Bordeaux because we did an exchange with the other missionaries here. . . I got to work with Elder Liechty again! It was such a blast and it bought us both right back to Gex haha. Gotta miss that place. It was a wonderful week also, it was sunny for a whole day! Basically every single day since we have been here it has rained haha. . . But, I am starting to really enjoy it, so maybe when I get back from my mission I will end up living in Washington or Oregon or some rainy place like that.
I forgot to tell you last week, but when we were trying to email last week there was this Bulgarian family behind us in the Internet cafe that were just screaming and laughing because they were skypeing someone from their family back home and it was so loud that we could barely even hear haha.
So this week was kinda funny, we went out really, really far from our house to try and pass this old investigator. We ended up walking for about 1 hour and we were seriously in the middle of nowhere, but we were almost to the address so we kept going. After another twenty minutes we end up at the college dorm rooms haha. We knocked on the door of our old investigator. . . and he wasn't there. So we just started knocking doors and talking to everyone that was around. After a few doors knocked we had three numbers and some random guy actually let us in! We walk in and once we started teaching him my stomach started to growl and he was like, are you hungry?? I was like no I am totally fine, no worries at all. . . And he was like, you have to eat, I know you are hungry. So the cool thing about this was that this guy was actually studying to be a chef! So, the food that he gave us was this amazing bread with some kind of meat spread to go over it. We thought it was going to be terrible, but it was actually amazing. Not only that, but he gave us a cake to take home with us! What a nice guy :) So basically that was our miracle of the week. . .
We had such an amazing week at the start of the week and we had like six lessons! We were on a role to have a an amazing week. . . a week unheard of. . . but, on Friday we had 2 appointments fall through, Saturday we had 3 fall through, and Sunday our investigators didn't show up :( It was kind of a sad way to finish off the week, but none the less it was a good one.
Right now for P-day we are going to meet the other missionaries at the church and a couple of our members to play a modified version of ping pong. . . we are pretty excited because it is going to be a blast getting some energy out. I don't know how that works, every night you are so exhausted you think that you are not going to be able to get out of bed, but then you wake up ready to go again. Next P-day is going to be sweet though, we are going to head out to check out this really big sand dune in the area! We have just been waiting for a nice day :)
We are still teaching a few really cool investigators, one of which is progressing really well and we were going to fix a baptismal date with her this last Saturday, but the appointment fell through because she was sick :( It was a sad day for everyone. . .
Well my amazing family, I love you so very much!
I read something cool today that said, Suffering allows people to become Saints. In this life we cannot ask God to give us experiences and at the same time ask not to suffer, have a hard time, be sad, struggle, etc and then someday expect to rest in the glorious presence of our Father in Heaven having not done the same things that allowed him to become the God that he is. Suffering is what teaches us and helps us to grow in this life. (Rough Recap)
Have a wonderful week!
Elder Beyer
Happy birthday Brock and Dad!!!

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