Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014 "My favorite thing is tram contacting"


Ohhh my goodness! Isn't it crazy how fast time flies by?! When I saw all of those pictures I remembered that just a year ago I was there getting ready to leave. It is amazing how fast that came by! Ha ha who ah! That is a lot of family history :) The funny thing on top of that is a lot of my favorite family memories are up in Park City as well. . . I think that is one of my favorite traditions that we have :) It looks like you all had so much fun up there and I am loving Caty's new hair style ;) Hey now mom, you can't be blaming it all of the time on the skis. That is my excuse :) I think you will be happy to know that in honor of Baja Cantina we have fajitas the other day and we made some guacamole!

Yeah. . . I am glad that I grabbed that kid too. :) We were in the right place at the right time. (Last weeks story)

This new zone leader thing has been awesome. Very time consuming, but amazing. We spend a lot of our time doing exchanges and working with other missionaries. That is one of my favorite parts, but that is also one of the hardest parts. Sometimes when you are exhausted all that you want to do is go and crash in your bed. . . which you don't get to do too often on exchanges. I loved my zone leaders in Gex though. They were seriously so funny. The night that they showed us their dog we were laughing so hard.(Stuffed Animal) They said that he is very obedient and the Tahitian Elder said that he eats spit. . . 

My favorite thing to do is tram contacting with my companion. His name is Elder Strom. He is from Salmon Arm Canada, I think that is in Hunter Murray's mission. He is such a stud and I have so much fun with him. Together we can get whole trams of people laughing and having a good time. He is really good at talking with big groups of people around.
I liked that quote that you sent this week. (Never, Never, Never give up!) Sometimes it gets hard and the natural man inside of us wants to give up so so bad. There have been many times this week where I have contacted the meanest people in the world, or so I thought at the time, and for a second it kind of sets you back. At that point you kind of want to give up and just go back to the apartment where you can be sure everyone will be nice to you. . . but, every time that we continue the Lord always blesses us with the strength to keep going and in the end he shows his mercy and grants us a miracle.

Our mission president likes to tell the story when Peter is fishing all the day long. Peter a skilled fisherman had caught nothing that day and his spirits were kind of down in the dumps when Christ approached him. Jesus then asks him to do something that required a lot of faith, to through back down their nets. . . They followed his council, didn't give up, and in the end they saw a miracle. 

This week we saw some pretty cool miracles.

We were working so, so hard and it seemed as if we had had no success. Towards the end of the night we received a call from another missionary on the other side of the mission giving us a referral, a friend of someone they had just baptized. We called the referral the next day, set up an appointment and then went and taught her at the church with a member. She is so prepared and she is so wanting to know more about why her friend, who grew up with her in the same church, decided to change and be baptized in our church. We are teaching her again tonight. . . So, I will let you know how it goes next week :)

We had a few more instances where we found people who were ready to hear our message and actually listened. . . That is truly the most rewarding thing at the end of the day.

Well my dear family, I love you all so very much. You are the best support system anyone could ever ask for.

With all the love in the world,
Elder Beyer

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