Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 "I Moved"

Well hello there amazing family!!
Okay I seriously have some crazy news for you. . . I moved! I was honestly so shocked to be moving. On Friday we were all talking about where we thought we were going to be spending the next six weeks and I was sure that I was staying and that Elder Crawley was leaving. . . man were we wrong.
Me and Elder Strom
So you are probably wondering why it took me an extra day to write you back. Well, that is because I crossed the whole mission! Crazy huh?! I headed back over by Perigueux and Mont-de-Marsan. . . but this time to serve in the big city right next to them! I am going to be the new Bordeaux Zone Leader! I am very excited because I have heard some amazing things about this new place and from what I have seen it looks like it is going to be so amazing. It looks more French than any other place that I have ever served in and there are people EVERYWHERE! After spending a year in small places it is blowing my mind seeing people everywhere. My new companion's name is Elder Strom and he is from Canada. He is awesome and seriously one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. It has been so much fun already walking the streets of Bordeaux and talking to people.
I was absolutely shocked to be leaving, but I am so so so excited to be here.
Wow! I had no idea about Riker! That is so awesome! Wish him luck for me and send my love. Tell Caden to stop living like a pig and tell Bubba to stop eating so much! He needs to be smaller than me when I get back! Wow, I can't believe how fast time goes by. It seems like yesterday we were walking through Cabelas celebrating dad's birthday :) It sounds like you guys were living it up on the town the other night! That is what I am talking about!
Thank you for sending the Recipes! I am for sure going to be made famous :) Thanks mom!
Okay, so I don't have many updates. The only is that on Sunday before I left I ate THREE meals back to back to back. . . Man I thought I was going to die when I was leaving. We started with a raclette, then it was a lot of rice and potatoes, then we finished off the night with some lasagna. . . The thing that you need to know as well is that the French people have three courses for every meal as well so we had a huge dessert to go along with that as well.
I spent the whole day yesterday traveling across the mission by train and now I am just living the good life in Bordeaux. I remember when I was a young missionary I did some exchanges here and I always thought, man I would give anything to be in this city. And now I couldn't be happier :) I have got a lot to do now though and I have a big responsibility on my shoulders, but I am very, very excited.
Well family, life is wonderful right now. I am so happy to hear that you all are still doing so amazing. Keep smiling and having lots of fun. (Oh by the way everything is on sale right now, literally everything, so if you want anything cool and french ask me and I will try and find it and send it home). I am not going to be needed a new coat anymore by the way!
Avec beaucoup d'amour!
Elder C. Beyer

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