Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013 "Keep Smiling"

Well hello there my wonderful family!!
I am doing so so well and 1000 times better having heard those amazing conference messages. I don't think that I have ever been that alert and awake during a conference. I seriously was on the edge of my seat taking notes the whole time haha. Those talks on missionary work were amazing and I think the work here in Gex is really going to pick up. Okay, so we can totally live in Gex, in fact one of our companionship's might be moving there next transfer. The only reason we live under the family is because they probably get a good deal on the rent. We don't always work in Gex though, there are a ton of little towns all around us, so we actually only spend about one day a week in Gex. We are in a really strange area because we have one of the biggest wards because everyone moves here to work in Geneva, but there is literally no one on the streets, so we drive out to a little town for the day and knock doors. We have been having some trouble finding people at home. Usually we go together with the other companionship though because it is a lot easier to go to the same city with the car. Gex is only about fifteen minutes away from us though (by car). There are no buses around our city though, so we kind of have to have some kind of transportation, whether that be with the bikes or the car. So for Switzerland we can go in, but we have to be really careful tracting, the rules are really strict and I think we are supposed to have our passports at all times just in case we get stopped. The rules are really really strict over there.
Speaking of going to Switzerland. . . We got to watch conference in Geneva! It was so awesome! There is an English ward there, so we were also able to watch the conference in English. We spent all of Sunday watching and seriously it was amazing. The only thing that was lacking though was being with the Wells family and all of the brothers, I missed that so much. I am with you on that one, I hope that they never stop doing that tradition. But, don't worry, my pockets were still filled with life savers so I kept that tradition alive haha.
By the way our investigators showed up for conference and it was soooo awesome to see them there!!!
We had a cool miracle this week where we randomly called an old investigator that was dropped a long time ago and he agreed to meet up with us and learn more, then randomly one day we were contacting in a random little ville and at first we didn't see him, but out of the corner of my eye I saw someone coming out of a building so I quickly turned to go and talk to him. It turns out that was the guy that we were meeting with in a few days! He totally remembered the time and date of our RDV! It was so awesome. That was such a relief because I was kinda bummed out after not seeing much success. . . but, every time that you continue to push forward in FAITH the Lord will bless you. If we would have kept walking we never would have talked to that awesome guy and had our day completely flipped upside down.
Well family I love you so much! I hope that Bubbas birthday was amazing, it looks like he had a lot of fun. That is really nice what Brock said, I hope that I can be half the missionary that he is. Have fun at the dance Caders! With the thermals it might be easier to send them, but if you can't find room I can go without them and if I really need them I can go buy some, but we don't have a lot of time to buy things out here. . .
Thanks so much :) I am going to be really excited to get the package!

Keep smiling and have a wonderful week!
Elder Beyer

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