Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013 "Heaven on Earth"

Well hello there my wonderful family!
You all sound so amazing! I am glad that you already found out who my companion is and that you were already able to talk to his family! He is such a stud! I love being with him, and especially in the apartment with the two other missionaries too. It seriously has been so much fun so far. The other two missionaries are Elder Crawley and Elder Holding, Elder Crawley was in my MTC group and I was honestly so excited when I found out that we were going to be living in the same apartment. We have sooooo much fun! Elder Crawley reminds me a lot of Bryton Wells haha. Kendal sounds like he was an amazing missionary and that is an awesome story, cutest babies ever, Caden looks so sick!, and Bubba is still as cute as ever. . .
Okay, so where to even being talking about Gex. . .
I think first off I will start by saying that I think I was sent to Heaven on Earth. I am truly in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We live right up by the base of a mountain underneath the most amazing Italian family in the world! They are so funny and they have had us over for dinner a few times now. We see that family all the time now. Living in an apartment with four people is a huge change too. It is really small, but man is it fun. Especially with Elder Crawley haha. So, I said that we live in the most beautiful place in the world, yeah we totally do, we are surrounded by mountains and from our house we can see Geneva :) We are seriously as close to Switzerland as you can get as an American Missionary (because we can't live inside because of visa issues). All of our district meetings and zone conferences are in Switzerland as well.
Also, for the moment we have a car :) That has been a huge change from walking around a little tiny ville with not much transportation. They said they might be taking the car from us though :( We are very sad about that and hope that they really don't take it.
So right above our house is a ski resort! Crazy awesome huh?! We are going to see if we can take it up on a P-day and do some awesome hiking. We are going to go and do some hiking today up by our house in the mountains today as well.
So, as for the ward. That is right, I said ward! We have one of the biggest wards in the mission full of young single adults, young families, and just an all around awesome variety of ages. About half of our ward speaks English and there are quite a few people who have served missions in either the US or England and there are a few people who are American in our ward. Everyone comes to our ward and lives in the area because it is a lot cheaper to live here and they work in Switzerland. . . So we are basically in a little American/French/Swiss mountainous ward. It was awesome because the Stake President of the ward stood up at the start of the meeting and said, We have such a blessing to have these Elders in our ward so start taking advantage of them and inviting them over. After that about five families came up to us and invited us over. Not too shabby. . . huh?
This week in my letter to President Roney I said the only problem that I am going to be having in Gex is that he is not going to be able to get to me to leave haha.
That is so incredible that you were able to talk to my last DMP, those things that he said are seriously so nice. He was one of my favorite people in the world and people like him is what keeps the church growing here in France. My DMP in this ward is a returned missionary who just got back from his mission in Canada last summer!
Life is so wonderful right now though, I love being a missionary! I know 100 percent that this gospel is true and I have the greatest calling in the world to tell people what we know every day!
Elder Beyer

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