Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013 "Kneel"

Okay as for the rules of what time we are supposed to be in, yes you are right about nine or nine thirty and that is what time we were going to be back before we missed our train. The time of the next train was at ten twenty four. . . the way the trains work is that the same ticket works at anytime if you are headed to the same place, you just have to get it stamped right before you get one the train. Yes, we were still late, but we did make it in before we were supposed to be asleep at ten thirty.
The zone leaders cleared it though!

Ha ha I have been doing my best to stay positive. It has been hard though, this week was a really long one. Most of our lessons fell through and the people were not there and then when we fixed appointments that we made on the street it was a fake address and we were not able to find where it was. . . but what can you say, it is the life of a missionary and I am sure that everyone goes through very similar trials when they are out on their missions. Speaking of that, like I have said before, missions are hard! You are tired all of the time and it gets very frustrating. The other day I was very frustrated with the language to the point where I just had to get down on my knees for a little bit and ask for a lot of help. One quote that I really liked that I heard in the past was that when you can no longer bear to stand, kneel. Man is that true out here. You get into the apartment after you have walked around all day in the hot sun and basically drop. You understand a lot more about the gospel and the atonement when you come out here.

On that note, I am doing amazing right now though! I am really happy today and after a few hard days this week we were blessed to find some people who are ready to hear the gospel. We set up some appointments with them this week so hopefully everything follows through!

I have still got so much to learn, but man do I feel like I have learned a lot. Missions are cool and I am feel so lucky to be a missionary! The language hasn't really clicked for me yet, but I know that if I keep working hard it is going to soon, and before I know it I am going to be speaking french fluently!

Love, Elder C. Beyer

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