Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013 "I love Perigueux"

The birds realize that you are starting to be empty nesters out there in good old K-Town so they were just looking out for you! Ha ha, but hey if it counts for anything I would do anything to be at a Bees game with you guys right now! I miss all of you a ton and I really miss Bees games, a ton! It sounds like everyone is doing really good though. That is a funny story about the asking with CJ and Aubrie though, I still can't believe that! I also cannot believe how many people are getting their mission calls! That really is so crazy! Missionary work is amazing right now!
I am doing really good right now though! We had an awesome week this last week and we worked really hard. I love Perigueux too. It is so beautiful here, and the members are amazing. They really take care of the missionaries here. Elder Asay reminds me a lot of Brock and we get along really good, I hope that we get to stay one more transfer here together. We find out this Friday though! I am so excited to hear where I will be going, or staying for that matter! I can't believe how fast this transfer went!
Everything is still roughly the same here, the French are still the French and man are they funny sometimes. Some of the stuff that my companion and me see on the street we just cannot help but laugh about it. Funny stuff. Just a few days ago we had a big youth missionary day and we spent the day doing missionary work with the young men of our ward. It was a really fun day and we contacted so many people in our little town, it turns out that it makes it a lot easier to talk to people when you speak that language natively ha ha. Who would have thought? It was an awesome day and all of the youth had fun, they really realized how hard missionary work is though, and they were really nice and compassionate this Sunday :) ha ha.
I still don't understand a lot of what people are saying, but I have gotten really good at just smiling and nodding my head and laughing when they laugh ha ha. Although, with that being said I have gotten called out a few times and that was really awkward ha ha. A lot of the members mess with you too when they know that you are not understanding what you are saying, they think they are so funny haha :)

I love all of you so so much and I miss you all a ton! I cannot wait to hear from you this Sunday! I think that I am going to sky
pe around 5:00 our time, but it could be a couple hours any time around that. I really hope that works out. Talk to you soon!

Love, Elder C. Beyer

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