Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013 "Thanks for the Support"

Ahhh it sounds like everyone is doing amazing at home! Yeah seriously you need to put Caden to work! Tell Bubba that he is welcome to drive the Subaru anytime that he wants to :) That is awesome with the missionary farewells and all of the missionaries heading out! They are going to love it! It is really hard, but they are going to love it. 
By the way I think that is a great look for dad with the compression socks and I think that he should wear those all of the time, I think it looks very professional, haha that look was just so not dad though!

Okay, so everything is going really great right now! Perigueux is really slow right now, but I really think that the work is going to be picking up soon. I am really happy to be with Elder Asay for another transfer though, he always keeps me laughing and we have a ton of fun while we are out here working hard. There isn't a whole bunch of new things going on though, one crazy thing is that I am actually writing you from Lyon right now. . . and you are not going to believe how I got here. By Plane! Yeah, I know it is awesome! So we are down here in Lyon for our Bleu's conference and it turns out that it was actually less money to fly us here, so we flew in this morning from Bordeaux. It was awesome, and it saved us eight hours on the trains. I don't know if you have heard anything about this conference, but what it is is a conference for all of the new missionaries, so tomorrow I will get to see all of my district from the MTC! I am so excited to see how everyone is doing and to hear some stories about how they are doing!
Also, I got the package! Thank you so so much, all of that stuff is going to be awesome and I am probably set on hygiene products for quite awhile ha ha, so thank you. All of that stuff was perfect and thanks for sending me some updates! It sounds like from what I heard all of my friends are doing really good, that is awesome! I sent a lot of them emails this last week just to see how they all were doing and they all sound really cool. I think it is so sweet to be serving right now with my brother and all of my friends, it just makes it that much more awesome to be a missionary and have all of that support. Not to mention they can relate to the crazy things that happen on the mission.

I don't really have too many crazy stories for this week. One thing that happened while we were knocking door to door was my companion called over a crazy stray dog and while it was running over to us it was running in a zig zag patten and had foam dripping from it's mouth. I was like what the crap are you doing?! So we took a turn down a side street and started into a jog, the dog followed us for a little bit, but luckily it got distracted and we were able to get away. Hopefully we learned our lesson and will no longer call over crazy rabid dogs ha ha. 

I really love all of you so so much and thanks for all of your support. It would be really hard to do it without an awesome family and friends behind me. This week I was having a hard time and all of the walking and talking was getting to me when we stopped off to finish the night at a members house for a little birthday party. This family as always invited us right in, sat us down, got us some food, and made us feel like we were right at home. The members are what keep you trucking here because they are your family away from your family. Don't worry too much, I am still in good hands here all the way over in France. I love you all so much and miss you a ton. The gospel is true and I love being a missionary! Have an awesome week!
Elder C. Beyer

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