Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013 "Hard but Good"

What the crap?!! That is so crazy about the mission calls! Tell them all good luck! Ah I can't believe that about Aubrie and CJ!! That is so so so crazy, tell them to send me some pictures. I really liked that card that you are going to give to Berkeley and tell Cole good job. Tell him to prepare himself for some hard times with the language, but that he is going to have a blast.
That is what I am talking about with the ROCKHOUNDS! Nice work Dad and Bubba, before we know it you are going to be winning tournaments all over the place. Don't dwell on the loses though because there is always going to be something that you could have improved on in everything. If you dwell on the loses you never enjoy your success. That is something that I have really learned since I have been out here. . . you can focus all day on those people who make your days really hard, or you can keep looking and when you find that awesome person who talks to you it will make your day so much better.
As for the piano yes I have! There is one in the Church that I have been able to play a few times, we also went there one day on P-Day. Our ward doesn't really have a piano player. . . but I don't know if I want to take on the obligation of struggling through hymns when they can play them just fine over the ipad.
Okay, as for France! It is going really good. Man is it hard though! It is true though, no one ever said that it would be easy. I feel like my French is not getting any better, but everyone that I have talked to said that it will feel like that for a long time and then one day you will Wake up and realize that you speak French. I can't wait for that day!  We have had a lot of fun days here though, not to mention the weather has been amazing. We don't have to wear our suit jackets any more so we just walk around in the sun all day and at night the temperature is perfect. That is one thing that I really love about this place, it is beautiful. The members are awesome here as well, they take really good care of us and anything that we need they provide it for us.
Since I have been out here I have taken so much pride in American culture though, I love everything about home, maybe a little bit too much too. I starting to love it here too though. One of the Elders who picked me up from one of the train stations in my first week and he said one of the most important things to do over the next little while is not compare France to back home. It is so true though, when I start doing that I have a lot more fun here and I really appreciate everything here more and more. Ahh the french are some funny people.
Keep up the good work everyone! Caden keep winning those games and working hard! I love all of you so so much, and thank you for the opportunity you have given me to serve! One thing that I have really come to know out here is that missionaries are weird haha, all of them (including me). So now I can see where Troy and Blair are coming from :) Man do I miss those guys haha
Love, Elder C. Beyer


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