Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013 "Lemon Drops"

Mom! Family!

Bonjour! Commet allez-vous?

It sounds like everyone is doing so good back at home! I really hope that Coulter doesn't have to go home and that is awesome for Berkeley. That is not good about Caden, he is going to have to eat twice as much this week to get back up to normal. It sounds like Lacrosse is going really well for him though, so keep up the good work! Bubba! Be careful, the last thing that the Rockhounds need is another broken arm. Stop giving dad a heart attack! It sounds like everyone is doing really good all in all though.
As for me here in France I am doing pretty good! This week was a little bit of a long one and I had my share of homesickness, but I knew that it had to come eventually. We had a few really long days of walking in the hot sun and not having any good contacts with people that we met, but as soon as we made it through those days we came out on top and met some awesome people. We met this couple this week in the last hour before we were going to call it a night. We were on our way into the apartment when we realized that we had only contacted 55 people and our goal was 60 for the day. We started looking everywhere for people and walked everywhere to find a few people, we talked to the right amount of people to be in the right place at the right time. The people that we met were this awesome young couple who at first glance we thought that we were just going to get blown off, but no, they were seriously interested. We ended up talking to them for about 35 minutes and set up an appointment with them in a couple of weeks. It was awesome to talk to some people like that.  A big thing that they emphasize on the mission is that the miracles come when you think that you have given all that you can, and then you give some more. In that last little bit of energy that you muster out is when you start to see things happen. Ha ha and trust me, it is exhausting being out here trying to talk to people in french.
Okay so I have a funny story for you. . .
So this week during church we were sitting behind a pretty big family who has 5 kids. One of the younger kids kept trying to talk to me and I didn't understand a single thing that we was saying so I just sat there and smiled. All of the sudden he started going through my backpack. So I pulled the backpack a way and my companion was like just give him a tic tack or something and he will stop. Then, I remembered that I had lemon drops that we bought at Cabelas right before we got into the MTC. I was like, oh that will be perfect! I gave one of the lemon drops to the kids and sure enough as soon as one gets one, all of the kids need one. So we distributed them to the kids. Okay so some inside information about the french is that they are really dramatic, about everything. All of the kids put the candy in their mouths right before the prayer started and seriously in unison during the prayer they all started screaming. A few of the little ones were crying, the mom was yelling trying to figure out the problem and silence her kids. It wasn't working though so the parents grabbed a few of the kids and ran out in the hall. Long story short the little girl started to choke on the candy a little bit and the candy was too sour for all of them. After the sacrament I got a bit of a talking to about giving the children candy before the sacrament by the parents.
So what did I learn? Don't give french kids sour things and don't try and try and be the cool missionaries who quiet the kids by giving them candy.
Ha ha it was so bad!
Everything is good here though. I love all of you and miss you a lot, thanks for all of the amazing support. It is true, the closer you come to the Lord the more adversity that you have here and everywhere so we all know that we are doing something right as missionaries! It is all worth it though because the church is true!
Love, Elder C. Beyer

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