Monday, January 12, 2015

Sunday, January 4, 2015 "Busy Week Ahead"

Hey there family! 

Well it looks like you all had way too much fun this week at the Cabin! I love hearing that! 

Tell everyone hello for me and that I love them!

Hahaha, funny that you bring up that story about Coloradoing because I was actually telling that to my companions the other day. That was one of the most scary, but funniest experiences ever.

Tell Kenz she made a good choice!

Well, Elder Nadauld was kind enough to email you a little bit and let you know how everything is going and what we are up to. (Elder Nadauld sent us the nicest note)

As you can see we have a pretty busy schedule. (He sent us his schedule for the next month)

We are just finishing up numbers and are probably going to be heading over to the Zone Leaders apt. soon before we are too exhausted before the week even starts.

This week consists of a conference everyday where we will be presenting a little bit. After conference is over we head to the next city and eat there with the Roney family. We then drop them off at the hotel, head to the  ZL's apt. and pick them up the next day for the same thing all over again.

We are going to have a blast, but man is it going to be crazy!

I love you all so much! I wish that I could write more, but we don't have too much time!

I will try and send you updates if I can find some time!

Elder Beyer

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