Monday, January 12, 2015

Wednesday, January 12, 2015 "I will miss France"

Salut famille!

Right nowwe are on our way back to Lyon. We have spent the last three days in Switzerland, starting in Lausanne, one of my favorite cities in Switzerland, the Yverdon, and today we finished up in Geneva. As you could have guessed the last few days have been pretty exhausting. Up at 6:30 every morning, sleeping on some floors at night, and lots going on in between. We have been having a lot of fun together. The conferences have been going really well and the spirit has been really strong in each one of them. The main focus has been choosing to be a delightful person. As we become more delightful people are more inclined to listen to us and become our friends as missionaries and all throughout our lives.

Our presentation has been centered around the story of the Good Samaritan. He went well out of his way to help that man in need and because of that experience the man's life was changed. We are focusing on how as missionaries we meet different people who are spiritually suffering along the way and as we become more Christlike we become more delightful to the point that our encounter with them turns into an experience that changes their lives. It has been a really fun, cool topic. The missionaries have really seemed to enjoy it and we have had a great time presenting it. Tomorrow, well by the time you get this this might have already passed, will be our conference in Lyon and I am so excited. Elders Crawley, Dalton, Montgomery, Haws and a lot more of my good mission buddies will be there. This is the conference that I will probably share my final testimony. It seems really strange thinking about the reality of my mission starting to wind down. I have so many mixed feelings because I cannot wait to see all of you, but I am going to really miss France and all of the amazing people that I have met since I have been out here.

One of the craziest things has been saying bye to missionaries that I have had the privilege to work with over these past two years. We got to spend two nights in Lausanne where I got to spend about thirty minutes catching up with Elder Elvidge. Luckily I will be seeing him back in Utah, or that would have totally stunk saying bye. It has been that way with a bunch of missionaries over the past little while.

Sunday night about killed us in doing numbers in Lausanne. There were tons of problems with the computers and the software on them so it took us so long. We lost a ton of sleep and it has been brutal running on that over the past few days. Haha, luckily it is starting to get a little bit better.

Other than that the nights have been wonderful. We have spent two of them at the homes of a couple of the Stake Presidents in our mission. We had tons of fun with them and their families. They both had HUGE families, young families with small children on top of that, so we had a great time with them. With one of them we played this game that they play often throughout Christmas. It is a game called gateau des rois. In each cake, more like a pie, there is a tiny figurine hidden inside. Once the cake is cut up and everyone has their piece everyone begins to eat. You have to be careful not to bite too hard because there is a possibility that there might be a small toy hidden in there and you don't want to brake any teeth. Whoever finds the little toy in theirs they become the king and they are given a crown to wear around. There were three toys for about 18 of us and I really lucked out and had one of them in my slice! So, I went home with a sweet little crown that the kids made out of colored paper. That is one of my favorite traditions that they do here in France.

Things are going great right now. I am having a blast. These last few days have been a blast with the Roneys. London has been really funny because he is always hitting us and giving us flat tires, he is 13, but lately he has been counting down the days and hours until I go home hahaha. He is going to miss me :) My joke back to him is that he has a more accurate count than you do mom!

Well, the next two days we will be in Lyon, I love this city, then it is off to Aix! Pray for us that we don't get sick traveling around visiting all of these sick missionaries!

I love you all so, so much!

Elder Beyer

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