Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sunday, November 9, 2014 "Transfer Week"

Hey family!

I am not going to have too much time so I might have to keep it pretty short! We are just finishing up numbers because of a few unexpected problems that came our way tonight! As you already know, I am staying with Elder Elvidge! I am really excited and I think that this transfer is going to go by way to fast just like the last one. It is crazy how fast time is going by right now.

The Elder Kearon Conference was seriously amazing though. It was so much fun being with all of them! We have a few fun things planned for the upcoming conferences so I am really excited because we are going to have some really cool experiences over the next few months. Next transfer we have another special guest. . . but this time he is going to be singing the conference to us. . . David Archuletta is coming to our mission! I totally spelled his name wrong. . . but how cool is that?! Hahaha. He is coming December 18th and 19th! So cool!

Crazy that Mark is home! Send my love! To the cute couples as well :)

This week was really special.

Like you know, we were able to do the transfers with President and Sister Roney. It was an amazing experience. Monday after we had a fun P-Day at the Roney's with everyone in Lyon we got to work. The process involves a lot of praying, guidance, and a lot of time in President's office as we move around each missionary to the place that they need to be. It was really interesting seeing from this perspective how transfers work. I found myself trying to put myself in the place of the assistants a long time back when they were looking at my picture and moving me across the mission. It was incredible to see how that worked.

Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday were spent doing that. We had the occasional lunch and dinner break, but other than that it was all work!

Thursday we had a quick meeting that morning and then we spent the day doing missionary work and planning for the next transfer. 

This weekend has been spent primarily preparing for this upcoming week that is going to be insane, as the first week always is, and trying to get some missionary work done on the side!

It is crazy how much there is to plan when there are twenty missionaries coming into our mission, trainers moving all around to come into Lyon, and all other sorts of crazy things.

One thing that was cool this week was that we asked our Bishop and his wife to pray of a street name where we could go and do some tracting so that we could find a new person to teach and baptize. We didn't have much time in the week to work there, but once we had the name we were able to put a few hours in. We saw some miracles and found 2 new investigators and taught a miracle lesson in about an hour and a half! The guy we taught was a young college student who was super cool and we will be teaching again this Wednesday! Hopefully we can find enough time!

Well. . . 

This week I am probably going to sleep a total of 10 hours haha! Wish me luck!

I love you tons!

Elder Beyer

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