Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sunday, November 26, 2014 "Locked our keys in!"

hey mom my favorite companion is elder Dalton. give him a lot of Christmas presents! (Elder Dalton wrote this when I had to go into the other room hahaha)

Dearest family!

Hahaha, that story of Elder Dalton is hilarious isn't it?! He was so funny that whole night! It is a blast still being in the same area as him and Elder Taylor, we have a lot of fun together. Mom! I am so impressed with your diligence with the shopping! I would not have lasted for even one hour! Every time we go shopping here on P-Day I only last about ten minutes before I am sick of it and want to go run around or play a sport. Crazy about the flight plans huh? I can't believe that I actually got those this week. 

Dad! I was impressed just by hearing that you got Caden and Bridger out the door, but getting Brock out the door at 7 is incredible ;) Nahh! I am sure that they were all great! Hats off to all of you for going though!

Ah man! What was Brock thinking trying to rough it up out on the field?! Haha, you don't have to worry about. My days of contact sports are over! However, I can't wait for flag football!

Yes I did get the camera! Thank you so much!

This week was a little less crazy than last week. We had a lot of fun though. Tuesday we has Mission Leadership Council! It was great being able to see a lot of my old companions. The meeting went great and it was very spiritual. I think that everyone is really excited and pumped up for working really hard this Christmas season. We have a lot of really cool stuff going on, the main one is the worldwide Christmas initiative called "He is the Gift." Look it up and find out what it is! It is going to be sweet! Wednesday we drove down to Bordeaux to have a little exchange with Elder Einerson and Elder Zenger. We taught some great lessons and we had tons of fun joking around in the apartment that night. The next day we had their conference and shortly after we drove back up to Lyon to finish up the night at the Roney's having a birthday dinner for Elder Elvidge and Elder Dalton. Lots of fun!

Friday and Saturday we had to deal with some crazy exchange and transfer issues so we have kind of been all over the place. 

Saturday was crazy though. It was Elder Elvidge's birthday. I started out in making him breakfast, then after studies we went out the apartment and as soon as we left the apt. we realized we didn't have the keys. . . or the spare keys. So. . . our car was locked in the garage and there was no way that we could get back into the apartment because the door locks automatically. Long story short the office elders saved us and they were nearby so they lent us their car. We took it out to our appointment with the members. Our appointment went great and we ate lots of great food! The spiritual thought went amazing and we talked a lot about gratitude. After we finished up we went to the airport and picked up a missionary being emergency transferred in. Then we headed back to downtown Lyon. That night we had a huge surprise dinner at an all you can eat Chinese buffet provided by our mission nurse, S. Povar, who is an angel to say the least. It was a great day that started out crazy and ended great!

Lately in the mission we have been talking a lot about the story of Lazarus. This is the story where Christ is asked to come and heal Lazarus, but he spends two days healing people and then goes to heal him, and by the time he gets there Lazarus has passed away. The sisters of Lazarus are very sorrowful, but they still show that they have faith in Christ by saying that if he was there their brother would not have died. Christ knew that he would be raised from the dead though, so that isn't the reason that he starts to weep in vs. 35. The reason that he starts to weep is because through him we can do all things and he wants us to have the faith sufficient to believe that. Our lives are spent trying to acquire this type of faith. The vs. that I want to focus on though is 41, the first thing that he does after the miracle takes place is that he thanks his Father. This is something that we need to apply into our lives. We need to always show our Father in Heaven that we are thankful for everything that he gives us. So, have a great thanksgiving doing exactly that!

I love you!
Elder Beyer

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