Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 "12 Lessons"

Hey there family!

So sorry to have written again on Tuesday! I promise that I am not going to make this a habit! We had conference yesterday so that is why I am writing a day late! I know, I feel the exact same way. . . I feel like I just wrote you guys yesterday. Time flies by! Ah that is crazy! Grandpa 72 years old and he can steal beat me in an arm wrestle! Not too shabby! I can't wait to get back and see all of the family! I miss you all so much! Sorry to hear that the Red Sox spanked them ;) That field looks amazing and you all look so great! Mom I love the OUI shirt!

Brock did look really, really happy. I completely understand though. I am going to be the same way with France! As for that, I would prefer to come back later if that is possible! What do you think about that?? 

That sounds like a fun trip! Enjoy Cali!

I can't believe Troy is home. He is such a stud and I would have loved to hear his talk. I bet that it was amazing!

There isn't too much going on right now. Although, we did have a really good week! We taught 12 lessons, other lessons and in the presence, this week! I could swear that that might be a mission high! We had a really good week and it was a lot of fun teaching so much. We also got to do a few exchanges with a few missionaries in the zone. I got to do a really fun one with Elder Frost from Arizona and one with Elder Gonzales Martinez from the Canary Islands. Both of them were a lot of fun! 

I have a funny story that happened this week.

We were on the metro and I was talking with this guy. The metro was a little crowded and because of how loud the metro is it is really hard to hear. Somehow it came up where we were talking about how many kids this guy had, he then turned to me and said how many do you have? I chuckled a little and said none yet, but I have three brothers! Okay, this is where it gets funny. . . In french to say that you say, J'ai trois frères. . . but the guy heard and understood, j'ai trois femmes. . . Which actually means I have three wives! When he said that I started laughing and said no no no, three brothers! All of the sudden this lady next to me just starts laughing her head off and I couldn't help but start laughing as well. After the guy got off at his stop I started talking to the lady and the people who she was with. . . in between laughs she tried to apologize for laughing, but then I started laughing and said no problem at all, that was hilarious! The funny thing is that when people see us they automatically say, ahhh, you are the Mormons, you have lots of wives! Hahaha, of course that was the mistake that was made! Classic!

Conference was really good yesterday. President Roney shared the story of Nephi and his brothers going back to Jerusalem to get the plates. He started the story in asking us which person we are in the story. We then proceeded to read the story and in the end we see that Nephi despite all crazy things that come before him always has his trust in the Lord. He helped us to realize that although we might not be there yet, this is the goal of our missions and ultimately life. We need to learn to trust the Lord, and above all Love him, more than we trust ourselves. It was a great conference :)

President decided to do conference in Clermont Ferrand and all of the other cites that we normally don't do them in so that we can start getting other members involved, and it was the best idea ever! The members there were seriously so amazing and so grateful to be able to help out the missionaries! The only problem that we ran into was that we had to get up at 5 to catch our train, which we almost missed haha, then in taking the trip to the chapel we all forgot umbrellas because the skies were clear in the morning. . . and we all got drenched! We all walked into conference absolutely soaked hahaha! President just started laughing when we walked in and said what happened to you guys? Conference went great though, in the end, we didn't have time again to interview with President, but that is okay, all of the other zone members got to talk to him for awhile and if that will help them work harder than all the better!

Everything is going great right now! I love being here in Lyon. It is truly a beautiful place. Although we spend most of our time under the city in the metros this is an amazing place.

Thank you so much for all the support that you give me! I love you all so much!

Elder Beyer

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