Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014 "Go Red Sox!"

Dearest Amazing Family!

How in the world are you doing?? You all look like you are doing so good and the trip looks like a blast!! Haha Brock looked so excited to be with all of those missionaries! Not to mention, I was loving dad's shoes. . . I never thought that he would go with the bright yellow look. . . Brock and Mom, lookin' as good as ever as well! Yeah, you are going to have to plan a little trip like that so that you can meet all of the amazing members here in France. I bet that has been a blast going around and eating with all of the missionaries! At least I know that I was for them, anytime we ever go out to eat with a member it is a serious blast!

I cannot believe that Troy is seriously home! That blows my mind! You will have to give him a hug for me and if you could get his new email that would be awesome!

Tell Brock that I am going to be rooting for the Red Sox. . . (In Toronto we saw the Blue Jay's and Red Sox Game)

Hey! Congrats with the anniversary! That is so awesome!!!! Haha, when I first read that I was shocked that you went to London, but before I read the next part I remembered that that was a place that Brock had served. Too fun!

This week was a really good one, but there was not a whole lot that went on. It was just one of those really busy, nothing to crazy, fast passing weeks!

Like you had said, we did have our leadership council this week. As usual, the meeting was so amazing. I don't know how President does it every week, but he still manages to bring in the spirit like a ton of bricks every time that he teaches in a conference, Sister Roney too. . . Just hearing from them a few times a transfer gets me to make it through the whole transfer on a spiritual high. I love them both so much! This week they both talked about love and Jesus Christ, and the only way that we will ever be a good leader is through love. I really liked what they said and as always it is a good reminder to know how to work with all of the other missionaries.

Over the days following that we just had a few random lessons with people that had either been taught by the Elders before us, or a guy that is here on vacation from Marseille that Elder Powell taught. The guy from Marseille is here for three weeks and then when he goes back over there he is going to get baptized, so while he is here in Lyon we are going to help him prepare for his baptism! One other guy that we taught was M....., he is a really cool guy that is progressing really well who was taught by the Elders before, we are really hoping that he will be baptized in the next few weeks so keep prayin' for him!

You had asked about Elder Powell! He is from Santa Cruz, California! He is really cool and he plays football. He thinks he is huge, but he is really a wimp. . . Nah, just kiddin'. He would beat me up with a finger! He is going to try and play for BYU after the mission! I am having a lot of fun with him though and I feel really lucky to be with him!

This Saturday was really awesome because we had our Zone Training that went really, really good. I have a lot of fun teaching those training meetings. We have an awesome zone and in starting off the meeting we were able to talk about miracles that we had seen over the last little while and especially on July 5th, all of the missionaries shared the coolest experiences and it was so amazing hearing all of the incredible things that are happening in our mission right now. Sharing all of the miracles really invited the spirit and our meeting that followed went really, really well! We also had the Elders of Corsica there with us on Skype and they added a lot of great things to our meeting!

Later that day after the meeting we were able to play soccer with a few investigators and a bunch of members and missionaries which was a blast, we are going to try and start playing every Saturday now so that we can invite a lot more investigators to meet us in a non threatening way!

Church was great as usual! Not to mention we had a member come up after and invite us over to dinner out of the blue! Not to shabby huh?!! Gotta love when that happens!

Everything is going really good right now though. Today for p-day it is raining really hard, so I think we are just going to walk around. . . also, all of the suits are on sale. . . so if I find a good one I might be spending a little bit of money today :) We will see!

I love you all so much and keep having a great time in Toronto! Go Red Sox!!

Elder Beyer

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