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Monday, July 8, 2014 "Lyon"


It is so great to hear from you! Hahaha I was loving the pictures. . . although, that picture of Brock is kinda creepin' me out. . . I sure hope that I don't get home with that one on the wall of my room :) Ah that sounds like a blast! I would dare say that Brad tipped everyone on purpose. . . I am glad to hear that everyone is back safe and sound now though! Hahaha no way did you already find out! That is seriously so crazy! Hahahahaha! Yeah, I was surprised that they did that as well, I was thinking the same thing as Brock when you told me that, so I am not really sure haha.

So yes, I am leaving to Lyon! Well, I am in Lyon!

I am so excited and I think it is going to be so much fun! 

The two missionaries that were the zone leaders here both finished their missions this transfer, so they headed home and my companion and myself are taking over their companionship. So, for my companion. . . On Tuesday I received a call that my companion would be Elder Lago and I was really excited. . . But, Sunday night I got a call from the assistants saying that a missionary had torn a ligament (Elder Phelps) so he had to go to the office and my companion had to go to Switzerland to take his spot. So, because of that my companion is now Elder Powell!! Elder Powell is this really cool kid from California and he was in Bordeaux with me so we have already spent a lot of time together on P-days over there. He is an awesome kid and I am really excited to be able to work with him, we are going to have a blast this transfer. As for Elder Taylor, he is getting an Elder named Elder Zenger and yes, they will both be in Bordeaux.

Okay, this week was absolutely crazy! There was so much to do and it went by so fast.

I will tell you about the goodbyes and the baptism!

First was saying goodbye to our neighbors who I have come to love. After they had us over for lunch it was getting towards the time that we had to head out and they had to get going as well. I gave the two boys hugs and then gave the dad a hug goodbye, the mom then looks at me and points to her cheek and says do I get a kiss on the cheek since you are leaving? As you know, that is something that is such a big part of the french culture and just in us not giving them a bisous every time that we see them is kind of a weird thing for everyone that we are really good friends with. So, I look at her and say, I would love to, but I can't. . . I then stuck out my hand and she squeezed it really, really tight as tears came to her eyes and said, I understand, I am going to miss you. I told them that I loved them and that I was really going to miss them and headed out. As we were leaving Elder Taylor turns to me and says man! That is so hard. . . Go up to her and kiss your hand and then put it on her cheek. . . So, that is exactly what did. Although she was still really sad, she had a big smile on her face.

Friday night we were all able to go over to S........ house to celebrate one last time before the baptism. He was so excited! He invited over all of the missionaries and C..... and we all had a big party where we ate and joked around. It was so fun and the perfect way to get ready for his baptism.

Saturday afternoon we got to the church around 4:00, S...... was there to meet us with his hair all gelled up and his suit on ready to meet us. We sat down to have a good lesson to get him ready for this big event and the lesson was killer! We talked about John 14 and how Christ can establish feelings of peace in this world where is it so hard to find it. He was really touched and although nervous, at the end of the RDV he was really excited for his baptism. 

The baptism went great! Everything went perfectly according to plan. All of the members that we on the program came and not only that, but we had every missionary in Bordeaux there. It was so sweet seeing all of the missionaries there, and with all of our combined efforts we were able to see a baptism on July 5th!!

You are not going to believe how many baptisms we had in our mission. . . 


All on the same day! How sweet is that?! When we saw the list of all the baptisms that President sent out we were all so excited! It is such an amazing time to be a missionary right now in the France Lyon Mission, and in the world, but we are seeing things change here and we are baptizing so many more people than were baptized in the years past! It is so awesome seeing the faith of all of the missionaries growing and seeing so many miracles happen because everyone is on the same page right now!

Right now we are all preparing for Elder Ballard to come on September 27th! So, we are fixing new goals and we are going to be seeing even more baptisms than we had on July 5th! It is going to be so amazing!

Oh yeah, July 4th we had a party with all of the missionaries and the American family, the Tate's, in our ward and we ate some great American food!

Sunday went great and although it was so hard to say bye to everyone it was amazing to see Stephane share his testimony and to see Carine there. . . So I left very happy :)

The leave was really hard for Stephane, and Carine was pretty sad as well, but I think they will get over it really quick :) Not to mention they still have Elder Taylor :)

Dearest family, have a wonderful week and I can't wait to hear from you next week!

By the way I got the package!! Thank you so much! We loved it so much! My new apartment is pretty cool!

This is the new address!
53 Professeur Rachaix
F-69003 Lyon France

Elder Beyer

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