Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014 "No hitter"

Heyyyy family!

I don't know how you do it, but every week you all sound so amazing! It sounds like you are really making the most of the summer and that you are having lots of fun.  Everyone looks so grown up in those photos!! Before too long Pete and Jack are going to be passing up Randy! That is awesome about the wedding. I am glad you got to meet some of the Taylor's! They sound like great people! Also, grandma and grandpa are looking great in those photos!

We had a couple of really cool experiences this week! So, over this past little while we have been developing a really good relationship with our bishop. Like, really good. He is such a cool guy. He is way into skating, and he is not at all like what you would think a bishop would be like. Anyways, he has been moving lately so we have had the opportunity to help him out! The last few days we worked our tails off, and I am not going to lie I don't know if I have ever been more tired than that on my whole mission. It was just furniture after bed after table after fridge. . . not to mention that it was up four flights of stairs!! Ahh man, it was killer! Saturday when we got done I just wanted to crash on the bed and sleep until the next morning. . . but, no naps as missionaries haha. . . It was a great experience though and we really gained his trust!

We had a cool experience this week towards the end of the night. We had worked really hard throughout the whole day and we hadn't seen much success. We were walking home when we saw this lady talking on the phone, it was time to go in so we said hello! and kept walking. After a few steps she yells, hey come back here! We were like, okay. . . We went back and she said, are you the Mormons? We said yeah! She said, I was taught by you when I was a kid and was baptized and it really helped me in my life. She then said, and I want the same thing for my daughters. So, follow me. She then led us to her to daughters and said, teach them and baptize them. They were watching the soccer game, so they weren't too engaged, so we agreed to come back another night and we are going to stop by and see them this week probably! Cool miracle huh?! Haha.

We had one guy on a bus that we had contacted awhile ago who actually contacted us and said, can you teach me about repentance? We then sat down on a bench and began to teach him how he could use Jesus Christ to start over and change his life. He loved it and we are going to be teaching him again next week! That never happens! When does anyone come up to you and say can you teach me about repentance??

Last but not least. . . 

High Class Weigh Set!!
An incredible miracle. . .

As I told you we had the first sighting of a baseball field not too long ago. The perfect thing is that there are a few really good neighborhoods in the area where we can knock doors, so we pass by there every so often to see if we can catch anyone playing. . . Well. . . this last P-Day we caught someone. . . 

After some hesitation we decided to go and talk to them. They were really cool and we sat there and watched them play for a minute. They were kind of a scrappy crew and the pitcher was having a hard time getting the ball to home plate. After a minute I turn to the catcher and ask, hey can I try one? Keep in mind that we are in our white shirts and ties. . . anyways he laughs and says, hey guys he wants to try and throw one! I grab a glove and start walking out to throw a few warm up pitches. I started out slow and slowly started to warm up the heat. After I hopped on the mound and started bringing it a little quicker. . . Instantly all laughs stopped and I don't know if this is true, but Elder Taylor said that jaws were dropped. I then went on to, well, pitch a no hitter haha. It was a blast and for a second Elder Taylor had them going that I was going to go and play for the redsox! Afterwards they came up to me and were like, could you please come and teach us? We could have practices! Do you have a french number?! It was super funny. . . 

Anyways, the miracle was that we went back and played again with them. Now, these guys who never would have listened to us before are completely opening up and after one of them gave us a ride home in which we were able to talk to him a little about our message. It was really cool because after we broke the barrier of them thinking we were weird from the white shirts and ties we have been able to teach a little about who we are and what we believe!

Pretty cool huh?!

Well, everything is going great and S...... is going to get baptized this week!!!!!

Love you!

Elder Beyer

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