Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Monday, June 24, 2014 "Our mission is on fire"

Salut la fam!

It is always a pleasure to hear from you! Oh my gosh. . . Hayden is already leaving?? How is that even possible?? Are you sure we are talking about the right Hayden here? Hahaha. I am so glad to hear that he did a wonderful job though! It sounds like the family is having such a wonderful time right now and as always I love hearing that! Little Hudson is so cute!!

There wasn't too much that happened this week, but it was a great one. I cannot believe how fast time flew by! I swear just yesterday our week started and now it is over. 

After the conference that we had over in Nice I fixed the goal that I wanted to have one lesson everyday for the rest of my mission. . . Elder Taylor agreed that that would be a good goal so that is what we decided to do for the rest of the transfer. We went throughout the week and after two exchanges and lots of other small tasks we found ourselves on Sunday only having taught four lessons on the week. We agreed that we would give it our all to see a miracle! Sure enough, during church we were able to teach one of our amis, bam one lesson! After church we were waiting at the bus stop and all of the sudden we found this guy, aka Elder Taylor found this guy because I was talking to someone else, so he brought him over and said this guy wants to learn more about our message! I was like sweet, so we went to the park and taught him. It was funny because in talking to him we found out that his mother is french, but his father is Korean! So, I say, anya hash mika, and anya haseyo. . . turns out that he doesn't speak a word of Korean. . . how lame huh?! Haha. . . So bam, another lesson that went really good! Sadly enough, we had to do numbers so in the end we were not actually able to accomplish the goal that we had set out to, but we were able to see that in setting this goal we were able to teach way more lessons than we would have normally.

Everything is going really good right now though. Our mission is on fire, we seem to be baptizing way more people right now than we did last year. Not to mention, our zone has not gone a single week without having a baptism which has been awesome to see. We have an incredible zone right now and it is so much fun to be able to work with all of them.

At church we were sitting in our second hour and one of the counselors in the bishopric came in and pulled Elder Taylor and I out. He explained that they made an error and they needed one of us to give a talk in sacrament. Since Elder Taylor was teaching our investigators class I was able to give the talk. I talked about faith and how that can lead us to see miracles in our lives. I did my best to reiterate the things that we learned at conference.

Life is going great right now though! I am very happy! The only thing is that it is blistering hot outside! I am going to die of a heatstroke! That is okay though!

I love you all so very much!

By the way tonight we have a dinner appointment with our neighbors and this week we are teaching a lot of our really cool investigators!! S....is still doing really good and he is going to be ready for the 5th! I seriously cannot wait for that day because we are going to make some serious mission history!

Elder Beyer

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