Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday, May 26, 2014 "I'm.........Staying"

Dearest Family. . . 

I am. . .

Staying!! I get to spend one more transfer with the great Elder Taylor. I am so excited and we are going to have so much fun this transfer and even see a few baptisms. Not to mention. . . Both of my sons who I trained are coming into our zone, Elder Einerson and Elder Ambursley! So I am going to be able to do a couple of exchanges with them!! Haha yeah that little girl was pretty awesome and this guy we are teaching right now is seriously incredible. He is so prepared to hear the gospel and he is getting really excited for his baptism the 5th of July!

Congrats Caders! That is seriously so cool! Hey, don't stress the football. Just keep working hard and trust that it will all work out. Geezzzz!! Bubba and his friends are getting so dang tall! I was blown away when I saw those photos. The fact that Bubba and Caden might be getting stronger than me motivates me to do my morning exercises. . . Don't worry though, I could still take them :)

That is amazing for TJ! I am so happy for him! If you see him send my love his way! Crazy for Adrian! Tell her congrats! Yeah, that is seriously so crazy!

This last week was a good one for us. . . 

We were able to teach S...... a few more times! Everything is going really well with him and he is very receptive to everything that we are teaching. It is super cool because he always reads way more than we ask him to which makes our RDV's a lot more spiritual and useful. Not to mention, he spoiled us again this week and took us out to a really good Chinese restaurant. Seriously, he is like the coolest guy ever!

C.... is still doing really good to. She has been to church every week since she has been baptized and she has been helping us a lot in teaching our other investigators. Right now we are just trying to get her to go to institute. . . for some reason she doesn't really like it.


I don't know if I have told you. . . But on June 10th we have an apostle of the Lord coming to our mission!!!! Elder Andersen is coming to visit us with his wife. We are all seriously so excited and I think that is going to seriously motivate our mission to work really hard and have some baptisms soon. We also have Elder Kearon coming as well. 

It is going to be one of the coolest experiences of our missions because the Monday right before we are all taking buses all the way over to Nice to the conference. Our whole mission is going to Nice to take part in the conference! The only thing is that we have lots of rules and we have to make sure it doesn't turn into a big reunion, so if we see people we know we just have to smile and wave, we can't talk to anyone that is not in our district. 

Anyways, with him coming this whole transfer is focused on preparing for him and having as many baptisms as we can in the mission on July 5th at 6:00! It is going to be one of the coolest life experiences to be a part of this mission wide effort. It is going to be one for the record books. So this transfer, our job as ZLs is just to get everyone on board and stoked to be a part of this huge event! Ah I am seriously so excited! To prepare we are reading all of his talks and working our butts off to learn all of the things that he has been teaching over the past few years!

So I learned something kind of cool the other day. I was reading around and I found something in the bible dictionary. It kind of goes with the scripture that you sent. Under Fear the bible dictionary states, The immediate result after Adam transgressed was that he became afraid, ever since that event God's children have been afraid and he has been trying to persuade us to come back and humbly ask for forgiveness. I think that is so interesting. I have noticed that one of the biggest factors that Satan hinders us in this life and especially right now as missionaries is that he wants us to be afraid. He wants us to think that we can't do it, that we are not good enough, that we cannot be forgiven, but the truth of it all is completely contrary to that. God want us to feel loved, cared for, confident, be faithful and trust him. There are many ways that we can acquire these attributes and one of the biggest ways is that God gives us opportunities to grow our faith, by testing our faith. I have noticed that on my mission I have been scared to do things. . . actually that happens a lot. . . and through these opportunities, but choosing to act on my faith it has grown instead of diminishing. That is where I have gained the personal testimony that trials help us to grow! 

I love my mission so much and despite the fact that it is one of the hardest things that I have ever done, it is one of the most rewarding!

I love you all so dearly!

Elder Beyer

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