Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday, November 4, 2012 "So Happy"

Well hello there my wonderful family!
I love hearing that life is still good back in good old Kaysville. You can't tell me that little Bubba is growing up. . . First off, I am not going to believe it. And second off, he will always be just a little boy. Crazy! I can't believe how many people are coming home and how many people will be leaving soon. That blows my mind that Jenna is going to be leaving, it feels like yesterday that she got her call. . . It blows my mind even more that Landen only has that much time left, that is honestly so crazy and he is going to have so much fun for the last little bit of his mission. That means that Brock is right around the corner. . .
These are my ward mission leaders!
They are soooo sweet!
Life is so wonderful right now though. First off it is starting to get really really cold here. I love it! I love the cold so much! Hopefully that will mean that we can find more people in their houses as well :) Gex is such an interesting little place because we are in such a small area, but we have such a big ward. I love our ward so much :) They are honestly some of the most amazing people that I have ever met in my entire life. I will probably cry when I leave Gex. One of my favorite parts about this ward is that we have such a cool young single adult program in our ward with a ton of young single adults that we are able to work with. Most of our ward mission leaders are young returned missionaries or they are preparing to go out, I love teaching and being able to work with them.
There isn't too much new over here in Gex, we are still teaching the same people, but one of them is getting really close to baptism. We hope that she is going to be baptized over the next few weeks and that her sister and her sister's family will follow shortly after. We will see :) Send a lot of prayers our way!
This week we were able to spend some time in Lyon for the returning conference for my companion. It was a ton of fun being with all of the missionaries and another cool thing about the trip was that we were able to spend some time in Switzerland the night before to take the train to go to Lyon. I don't know what it is about Switzerland, but I loooooove going in there so much.
We have come up with an idea this week that we hope is going to fire up the missionary work here. We took a little spin on the 12 days of Christmas and every night we are going to plan something that the members can do with their families. Some of the things are make cookies and drop them off at your neighbors doorstep, ring the doorbell and run, and then there are some that ask the family to pray about their friends that they can invite to church and then the next day they go and invite them. We hope this will help everyone remember the true spirit of Christmas and at the same time will help us to have loads of fun here with our ward.
Well family, I love you so much. I love hearing that you are all doing so well and that you are all happy. I am very very happy right now, I really want to see some baptisms here, but I will keep working in faith knowing that miracles are just on the horizon :)
Thanks for all that you do for me!
Elder C. Beyer

PS. My actual address is
Batiment 17 les Chanterelles
514 rue de Vertes Campagnes
01170 Gex

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