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Tuesday, November 12, 2013 "Zone Conference"

Well hello there my dearest family! You are probably wondering why I didn't send an email the other day. . . I was actually in Switzerland the whole day at my conference! So we moved our p-day to today. I can't believe that Bubba is growing up so fast. That is honestly so crazy. Hahaha I loved that picture of dad, so so so awesome. Caden needs a better haircut! Good old Brock, always such a jokester.
Zone Conference
That sounds great for Christmas, I loved the peanut butter, it was very very good because they don't have that type of peanut butter here. . . But I am good with whatever you want to send, any Christmas present will make me happy.
Okay so you are probably wondering how my week was, it was such a good one. This week our President gave us a schedule that we had to follow that gave us things to study during the day and certain themes throughout the day, for example one day we studied about eternal families and we spent the whole day looking for families. It was a lot of fun and we worked really really hard. At first we didn't see much success though and it was kind of frustrating, but as we continued to work hard and move forward in faith we were able to find some amazing people and some of which we are going to be teaching this week. At the end of the week we had not taught as many people as we would have liked, but because we continued to work the Lord showered us with old investigators and this week we have a lot of RDV's set up.
We still have one investigator right now who has a baptismal date set for the 30 of November so maybe with enough faith and prayer we are going to see a baptism at the end of this transfer.
Soccer in the RAIN!
Okay so I have a really funny story for you this week. So, we were over at a members house doing service for them. It was so awesome because we were able to cut his grass, trim his bushes and do a lot of awesome work that you don't normally get to do as a missionary. So we were getting close to being done for the day and the member that we were with had this really nice extension cord. . . One thing that you need to know it that here in France you cannot find nice working equipment. . . that cord was one of a kind. So I am just trimming up all of the bushes when the member turns to me and says you are doing a good job, just make sure that you do not cut my new cord. I kinda started laughing because I had gone the whole day without a problem, but I said don't worry I wont cut the cord. . . I think you can probably guess what happened next. Yeah, I cut the cord.
Ahhhh it was so terrible. I felt absolutely horrible. The machine immediately stopped and I said, oh no, Brother Jardin, you are going to kill me. He was like, oh no, did you cut the cord? I responded, Yes, I am so sorry. Where can I find a new one to pay you back. He of course said that there is no way I would be paying him back for that, but I kept probing him and asking please, where can I find a new cord to replace the one that I broke. . . Finally he told me that the cord I cut was really expensive and that it can only be ordered haha, he still wont let me replace his industrial cord that I cut, but don't worry he said it was no big deal at all and that he still loves the missionaries. It was horrible, I told him it was his fault though because he jinxed me. . .
Another funny thing that happened was Elder Crawley gave himself an interesting haircut this week. . . I will send you some pictures so that you know what I am talking about hahahahahaha.
Elder Crawley's haircut.
Anyways, life is great right now. I feel so blessed to be out serving the Lord and I know that the things that Derek said are so true. If we allow our missions to do so they can change our lives and turn us into the people that the Lord wants us to become. Even though it is hard and disappointed sometimes when results are not seen, I know that every time we push through a trial we come out stronger and the Lord blesses us with more blessings than we can even imagine. I love you all very much! Have a wonderful week!

Zone Conference
Elder Beyer

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